What's trending in women's clothing

You would almost forget it due to all the conditions at the moment, but new collections of clothing are coming in stores and online! What trends can we expect in the upcoming 2022 clothing collections?

Since we have been able to leave a lot of money in our wallets in recent months, you probably also have something to spend to go shopping later - when the weather gets a bit nicer.

And of course, you want to know where you stand and what the latest trends for women's clothing are like, don't you? We can already lift a corner of the veil!

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Latest trends women's clothing 2022

The colors for 2022

If you look at the colors that we can expect in 2022 in the field of women's clothing, we will see a lot of color in the upcoming seasons! And that's nice because we could all use some color, right? Now it is true that many colors are 'permissible' in the spring and summer of 2022. There is a gradient from pastel shades to really hard and cheerful colors such as fuchsia, orange, red, and apple green.

The two trend colors that have been named for 2022 are gray and yellow, from soft yellow to a very cheerful 'sun' yellow, and from soft gray to mint-like colors. But as mentioned, you can also expect other rainbow colors.

Long and oversized with a little tight now and then

Pleated skirts in a midi variant and the maxi skirts with a wide belt have set the trends for women's clothing in 2021-2022. Last season we saw them in the colder period with a thick oversized sweater on it. Delicious! In the upcoming season, we expect (even) more oversized clothing. And that's quite nice now that we are at home so much. And maybe also when we go out on the streets again and go into the city. Because a little oversized naturally hides the fact that we can't work out so efficiently at the moment.

Yet, we also see somewhat tighter models in the new fashion and as a trend coming back. Think, for example, of long tricot and jersey dresses.

Broader shoulders are allowed again.

Women are allowed to show broader shoulders in their clothing in 2022, according to the latest trends. It is also taken into account in the dress. Not only in the field of shoulder pads, but you can also see it using puffed sleeves, such as with this top by Studio Anneloes. These tops make your shoulders look a bit wider without having to use shoulder pads. Other advantages? Your waist looks slimmer!


Denim should, of course, not be missing in your essential wardrobe for the coming seasons. Fortunately, this is a trend that returns in clothing every year, including in 2022! We will, however, find even more oversized denim in the streets in the coming seasons. Not only flared jeans but also denim pants that are wide from the top. Personally, I can't get used to that, but sitting comfortably does it!

Flower prints and lace

Lace trim, puff sleeves and ruffles, and floral prints are among the trends for women's clothing for 2022. You wouldn't think it could be more romantic, especially if you follow the vintage-looking style that we see more and more. We see more and more detailed finishes in midi skirts, tops, and dresses, including Topsy fashion women's clothing, an extensive collection entirely according to the latest fashion.

Sustainability remains a fashion trend for 2022

Above all, sustainability will also remain part of the clothing trends in 2022. Fortunately! Being connected to nature, care and respect are becoming more and more part of our everyday life, and the clothing industry also seems to be joining in more and more.

What do you think which fashion trends will be popular in 2022? Comment here!