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The Shocking Truth Behind the Rise of the Female Plus-Size Industry

15 Nov 2021

The plus-size industry has been booming in the past few years. With the rise of the Female Plus-Size industry, which is a trend that has been happening for a while now, there are more options for women who wear larger sizes. Now, with brands like ASOS and Forever 21 providing these clothing lines to women, it's become easier to find clothes that already fit your body type without having to go up in size.



Plus-size fashion has always been a controversial topic with many people claiming that designers should not be making clothes in this size range because they do not portray an accurate representation of society. There are some people who believe that plus-size clothing should only be for those who wear them and others will not be comfortable seeing themselves or other people shopping for this type of clothing.

Plus size clothing is not just for plus size people. This type of clothing should be available to everyone, regardless of their weight. There are many people who would love to wear these clothes but can't because they're not fat enough. Plus size clothing can be a way for someone to feel more confident and comfortable in their own skin without the need to lose weight first.

The New Normal For Women's Clothing Sizes?

A recent study has shown that women's clothing sizes are getting bigger. The reason for this trend can be found in the industry's focus on female empowerment and new shapes.

The average size of women’s clothes is now 12 to 14, with some retailers even offering 16. This has led to increased sales of plus-size clothing, which is now on-trend. Here are some of the reasons for this change:

  • Retailers are finally taking notice of the growing number of plus-size consumers;
  • Brands like Ashley Graham and Tess Holliday have helped make size diversity mainstream;
  • Shoppers understand that there is more variety than just one shape or size;
  • Retailers feel that they need to offer fashionable clothes in order to remain competitive

A complaint often heard these days is that women’s clothing sizes are increasing, with the average size becoming larger. This has resulted in increased demand for plus size clothing.

On one hand, this may be a result of the increasing population of overweight American women. On the other hand, it could signify a change in society’s perception of beauty standards and an improved understanding of plus size fashion.

The notion that plus size models are more successful because they have larger breasts or rounder butts can be seen as sexist and exploitive. It's also worth considering how many people are being discriminated against when they go shopping for clothes due to their size.



How to Combat the Burden of Unhealthy Body Image?

Reflecting the perfection and beauty of models and celebrities, modern society has become a place where ‘ideal’ body types are the norm. The media is responsible for this body image distortion.

In order to combat the burden of unhealthy body image, we need to start a healthy body image campaign. That includes promoting positive messages about bodies of all shapes and sizes, starting with children from an early age.

Healthy body image campaign is a campaign to start healthy and positive body images. Following these campaigns can greatly reduce the burden of unhealthy body image.

This is not just a problem for women, but also an issue for the opposite gender as well. Others are typically told that their masculinity is either dependent on their physical strength or the size of their muscles.

There are many ways to combat this issue such as - self-esteem workshops or just simply having a talk with someone about one's weight or shape.



What is Causing the Rise in Plus Size Clothing Demand?

The United States has seen a dramatic increase in obesity rates over the past three decades. In 1990, 13% of adults were obese, and by 2000 that number was up to 33%. The trend continues with 38% of adults now considered obese. This increase in obesity is also impacting women's clothing, as these women are often carrying more weight. As a result, the demand for plus size clothing is on the rise.

Overweight and obese children show similar increases in clothing size as they age and grow out of their clothes faster than their healthy-sized counterparts.

A recent study by the Journal of Consumer Research found that overweight and obese children are more likely to grow out of their clothes faster than their healthy-sized counterparts.

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