Modern and feminine looks that exude comfort with confidence.

Our designers find inspiration throughout the world to create beautiful collections that merge with today’s look. Baciano's love for flair and unique details makes for versatile yet tasteful pieces.

The shirts have been a big hit with, not just me, but with the entire family! They look good they said!

Brienne H.

Thank you, for showing me your beautiful pieces!

Susan M.

You did a great job, and you showed your audiences what they need. Not just what they want.

Jamie R.

It was a pleasure talking to you over the phone. Your customer service is very reliable and I was at ease when speaking to one of your customer service representatives.

Diane W.

I was thrilled to be able to visit your Web store again. I spoke with a representative and it was a delight!

Maria W.

What a wonderful experience we had visiting your web store this past Friday! All your pieces are gorgeous!

Kirsten P.

Thank you for your gracious hospitality!

Bonnie L.

I LOVE my sweater and have worn it multiple times. I don't think I've gotten so many compliments on a dress since my yellow lace Easter dress I wore when I was 14.

Raine S.

I LOVE THE SHIRTS, they are probably the best dress/casual shirts I have ever had.

Jessie A.

I just wanted to thank you for the impeccable service from you and your staff...I will always look forward to shopping at your online store.

Kassandra B.

What a fun afternoon! What great people! What an amazing store! What a knowledgeable, wonderful customer service team. Love my clothes!!

Stephanie S.

Products wear remarkably well and just get better!

Nellie T.

Not only did I purchase some wonderful clothing, but I felt better about myself and saw the good in the hearts of mankind that is so often overlooked and forgotten about by the world. Thank you for your wonderful store.

Julie F.

Thanks for being so fabulous...and continuing to provide such a wonderful service!

Jenny H.

Thank you for providing wonderful, comfortable, stylish, earth-friendly products for all.

Robin S.

I love my Jacket and get asked where I got it every time I wear it.

Beth K.

Thank you again for your hospitality! The Inspiration you shared led to a great clothing decision.

Jasmine F.

Thank you...For being the best web store there is!

Betty G.

Thank you so much for your help in finding some new clothes that I needed desperately. I love my poncho and sweater vest!

Leslie G.

Thank you so much for providing a wonderful, lovely web store. I am thoroughly enjoying my purchase.

Reese T.

Thanks for the lovely sweater and all the good work you do.

Helen T.

I'm still getting plenty of compliments out of the clothing and love everything they picked out for me. Thanks for the love you bring to what you do.

Dawn R.

Thank You for what you do; I will be back!

Aimee G.

Thanks for the personal attention and wonderful customer service.

Danielle F.

Thank you! Love my coat.

Katherine K.

Thank you! I'm grateful for your precious self and your shop.

Laura D.

That sweater is the most comfortable thing I own!

Lela T.

Thank you so much for your warmth and passion in all that you share with your customers. I will be sure to come visit your web store again, and spread the word about the store to those who may not know the value of sustainable products.

Penny H.

Thanks for providing a wonderful 18th Birthday Gift for Lydia, Love you!!

Giselle K.

I truly felt like I discovered a great treasure and have told so many people about the work that you do! The hoodie and coat are my new favorite clothing items- I can't wait to shop and get more clothing that I can feel good wearing, as well as fit and look great. Thanks again.

Agnes Y.

Thanks again for the great clothes, fashion advice, and education, all in one stop! Love it!

Sandy L.

Thank you for your help and for the story that your shop has to tell.

Sara G.

Thank you for such a fun experience in your wonderful web store store.

Linda O.

Thank you for being such a wonderful store!

Martha B.

My husband and I are both very happy with the items we purchased!

Karen L.

Thank you guys very much for the jacket and the. You guys are great. May God bless you and your business in future properity!

Naomi G.

I just only want to say: Thank you very much for the wonderful Shirt. Great !!

Petra F.

You have great products and excellent customer service. My friends love the sweater! Thank you

Kaye K.

Received my package, i love them all the sweater is so soft and the bag is to die for. everything was far beyond what i expected. so thank you so much. looking forward to my next order!!!!!

Martha J.

I just wanted to let you know I went to pick up my package today and I love the Jacket! They are perfect. Thank you very much. Would love to deal with you again in the future.

Iris E.

I enjoy the clothes and have received many compliments. I look forward to doing business with you again, thanks and God bless.

Lisa T.

I received my order today, and I’m happy with the service and delivery, thanks!

Winnie U.

I just want to thank u for my order.. I was so surprised wen i received it this morning.. super fast shipping you guys have.. very cool.. I love the clothes.. so cute.. thank u thank u for everything.. You guys are the best.. Keep up the good work.

Veronica B.

Thanks sooo much! I LOVE your site, and enjoy shopping there!!! I love it!

Kimberly D.

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