Baciano Consultation

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Let us work with you throughout your Baciano apparel consultation on finding the best collection for your store. Whether moments take you near or far, our Baciano collections are the beautiful milestone in your story that creates a spark for the future. We would like our collections to speak to you and be a complete reflection of who you are and what or store is all about.
Our collections capture the attention of anyone who beholds them. Memories and feelings translate into the present with just a glance, bringing your story with you wherever you go and whatever you are doing. Using our brilliant selection of garment bodies and fabrication, you can find the color, shape, size and cut, that best reflects you.
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Our one of a kind Baciano styles are designed around handpicked fabrics and specific body types. We use specific and ethically sourced fibers for our one of a kind Baciano style bodies. Each of our designer coats, sweaters, jackets and more are one of a kind, as no two patterns are similar.
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Coat, sweaters and jackets come in an array of colors. We have white, blue, yellow, teal, black, and more colors to choose from. Our wide selection of novel style bodies are perfect in creating the best collection for your showroom floor. Our styles are a forever reminder of the strength created in years of experience in the industry and it only continues to improve with the help of the ever updating fashion trends.

What to expect?

We love that you are here and would like to schedule a complimentary consultation with our beloved style consultant specialists. Whether you book an in-person and an online Baciano consultation, you will be paired with one of our Baciano style experts, trained by our production team to help you in finding the most beautiful style that fits your boutique. Our experts will be with you, every step of the way to answer all your questions in regards to the styles that you feel best fit your store.

Why Baciano?

Let’s find the perfect styles that will carry your love with fashion with your store forever. We are experts in creating classic and unique style bodies and you are an expert in your way of fashion. Together, we are the perfect team to choose the perfect collection for your showroom. You’ve found the right person. You’ve found the right place. Let’s book your complimentary consultation now, to find the best styles that expresses your love for fashion.