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Faux fur is in demand and is a fashionable substitute for real or original animal fur made by blending synthetic materials. Faux fur is also affordable at a reasonable price as it is not caused by actual animal fur. But it can become dirty, knotty, or matted with time due to wearing, washing, or exposure to heat sources. For most of us, the expenditure of new faux fur is not easy or affordable, so fixing or repairing old ones is crucial. This article has a complete guide for selecting matted faux fur. By following these guidelines, you can regain the softness and texture of your faux fur in its original form.

Reasons of faux fur matted

Exposure of faux fur to heat or heat sources results in knotting, entangled, or deteriorating faux fur fibers. If you do not repair or fix these entanglements, you can not recover faux fur and will lose your expensive phony fur items. If you want to keep your faux fur in its original condition and want to use it for a long time, keep your faux fur items with great care and for keeping them in their original condition, follow the following guidelines.

Guidelines to fix matted faux fur

Different materials have different care methods; therefore, it is necessary to see the care label of your faux fur materials to read the care instructions for them. For fixing faux fur that is matted, follow the following guidelines.

Clean the Faux Fur 

Suppose there is any spot on your faux fur; first of all, clean this spot with a damp sponge to wipe out the area from faux fur. This spot may be of coffee, tea, or any other foodstuff, so to remove such sites, use a mild detergent. 

Use specific brush

After cleaning the faux fur, the brushing of the faux fur is essential. Keep in mind the use of a brush rigorously can damage the fibers of faux fur, so always use a smooth, specific, or specialized faux fur brush. Brush the faux fur contradictory of the matting using prolonged, sweeping strokes. This will remove tangled faux fur and enable you to use faux fur more efficiently.

Comb Faux Fur

Use any broad-tooth comb to remove the remaining coils or repair faux fur. Be careful using a brush for faux fur because hard or rigorously combing may damage faux fur fibers. Therefore, use the brush carefully and do it smoothly.

Use Steaming process

If faux fur is still matted after using a brush and comb, now you can use the steaming procedure to fix the matted faux fur. This procedure starts by keeping the steamer or steam source several inches away from the faux fur and rotating the steamer. Be careful that faux fur does not get too wet. This steaming process results in the fluffing of faux fur fibers and helps to bring back the original texture or form of faux fur fibers.

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Dry the faux fur.

After steaming the faux fur, blow dry on it to make it more fluffy and smooth. For this purpose, hold the blow dryer several inches away from the faux fur and use a specialized faux fur brush to comb the fluff fibers of faux fur smoothly as you dry them.            

Keep with care

After recovering matted faux fur:

  1. Keep it with great care if you want to use your faux fur for a more extended period.
  2. When you keep your faux fur for future use, keep them after folding or hanging according to the faux fur materials.
  3. Avoid putting stockings of other items on your faux fur to use for more extended periods because hose of other things will result in damaging the original shape of faux fur.

Tips for fixing faux fur that is matted

  • Dry-washing is not suitable for Faux fur of light colors. Therefore, avoid washing faux fur with light colors.
  • Prevent the faux fur items from being exposed to heat and heat sources directly because exposure to heat and heat sources damages the faux fur fibers.
  • Avoid rigorously brushing the faux fur items. 
  • Be careful in storing the faux fur to avoid knotting and matting of faux fur.

How to make fluffy faux fur again that is matted.

Most of us want to keep our faux fur items fluffy as they were when bought. For this purpose, here we have another method to fix the matted faux fur. Following the guidelines, the process mentioned above to fix the matted faux fur is helpful. Below is a simple and easy way to make the matted faux fur fluffy again.

  • Suspend the faux fur in warm places, but ensure that faux fur is not in direct contact or exposure to heat and heat sources.
  • Use a smooth bristle brush to untangle the faux fur. This will help make the faux fur-free from coil or lopsided fur.
  • Again, use a smooth brush to dust the dirt from faux fur by brushing in a sweeping manner.
  • Now, use a mild detergent to remove the stain spot from the faux fur by applying the detergent and water solution. You can also dab with a sponge smoothly, but avoid using a stiff brush because this will damage or deteriorate the faux fur fibers.
  • Sprinkle or shower the cold water on the fur to remove the detergent. You can also add one tablespoon of hair conditioner while sprinkling water to bring back the fluffy appearance of faux fur. Do not use warm or hot water, which can damage the faux fur fibers.
  • After washing it with water, let it dry in the air. Avoid drying with direct heat sources.
  • After drying the faux fur in the air, use a smooth brush.

By following the above guidelines and tips, you can quickly fix the matted faux fur. It will take very little time to care for your faux fur, but it will help extend the life of your faux fur and also maintain the original smoothness and texture of faux fur.


In this article, we have discussed in detail how you can fix your faux fur coat if it is matted; by reading this, you can fix it. We also have discussed some helpful tips that will help to resolve this.