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Tips for Caring for Your Clothes

29 Jun 2022

You should use a cool temperature for washing your garments. They will eventually tear if you wash them at a high temperature because it will make the fabric brittle. The first time you wash something, there will be some shrinkage, but it shouldn't be more than 5-7 percent if you follow the washing guidelines.

After each use, t-shirts, tank tops, and camisoles should be laundered in the washing machine. Unless it is extremely hot and you are sweating, you can wear outerwear such as dress shirts and khakis multiple times before cleaning them. However, if they are noticeably dirty or ruined, you should wash them. In general, a pair of jeans can be worn three times before needing to be washed.

To begin, get a pumice stone and brush it all over your t-shirt, being sure to get in between the sleeves and along the hemline. The next step is to let the t-shirts soak overnight in a solution consisting of fabric softener and only a few teaspoons of water. The next step is to put it through a standard wash cycle the following morning, and you should be good to go!

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After one to two washings and wearing's for shirts and blouses. After two to three wearing's, dress pants or slacks can be considered worn. Jeans: after four or five times being worn. Sweaters can be worn up to six times if they are paired with an undershirt, but only one to two times if they are worn alone.

Pay close attention to the collar inside

This is the area where stains from skin products, such as lotion or cosmetics, are most likely to appear. Make sure to wash them as soon as possible, especially before putting clothes away in the closet (scroll down for tips on how to remove stains).

Skip the dryers.

They will cause the fibers of the fabric to break down, which will result in the garment shrinking and aging more quickly than it should.

Dry on Hangers

It is important to ensure that the shoulders of the shirt do not take up more space than the width of the hanger. Make sure that the shoulders are carefully laid out on the hanger, and more generally, pull the fabric of the shirt just a little bit to limit creases (this will make ironing easier)." We recommend leaving space between the hangers while storing them in the closet in order to maintain the smooth appearance of the pressed shirts.

Rewashing Stains

Before you start ironing, you need to make sure that there are no more stains on the garment. If there are, you need to wash the shirt one more time.

Ironing With Water

We recommend you use either steam or no steam when ironing, depending on your personal preference, but we warn against ironing with no moisture at all. It is best to iron the garment while there is still some moisture in the air. In the event that it is required, a spritz of water can make ironing much simpler.

Women's Fashion

Correct Ironing Order:

The appropriate sequence for ironing a shirt is as follows: collar, cuffs, and finally the body of the shirt.

Take care to pack them. Before going on a trip while wearing a dress shirt:

  1.  Close all of the buttons on the garment.
  2. Place a plastic or cardboard band — the kind that is included inside newly purchased shirts or that can be purchased from dry cleaners — inside the collar (to help support the collar and maintain its shape.)
  3. Before folding the shirt, make sure that the front of the shirt is facing down, and place a sheet of paper or tissue paper on the back of the shirt (to avoid creases).
  4. Make use of soft cases in order to preserve the condition of the shirts.
  5. When piling the shirts, make sure you stack them in an alternating direction.
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