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What would life be like without fashion? Everyone would be wearing muted colors and nothing would be fancy or cute. That’s why I’m thankful for designers that create looks that are cute and that everyone can afford. My favorite company to date is Baciano Boutique, a boutique located in Los Angeles California that offers body flattering styles for young contemporary women.

Baciano Boutique sizes range from small to extra large and are flattering to your body. I was recently sent the most beautiful white dress from Baciano Boutique newest collection to review for you all. Let me start off by saying that this dress was made with the most softest fabric ever. The dress was created with fabric with a stretch material therefore lending itself to different body types. It feels nice to your body and just seems to lay in just the right places. With a simple line detail the lines of this dress lead the eye to the best parts of your body. Heck your whole body!

Since I’ve gained weight recently I could not model this beautiful dress by Baciano Boutique. But my lovely sister L rocked this dress with a black studded half jacket by The Kardashian Collection and cute zip up sandals. Finding a location that would flatter this beautiful dress was difficult but in the end the dress spoke for itself. Don’t take my word for it. Check out the images below:

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