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Online Influencers

22 Jun 2018

Over the past few years, social media influencers have been on the rise. The number of brand ambassadors and beauty gurus keeps growing at an inconceivable rate.

For many bloggers, this is a fun a new way to earn a living. Influencers are able to use their voice to reach a large audience and potentially change their opinions on products or concepts.

While no two influencers are the same, the successful ones have all have been able to market their image in new innovative ways. This job can be fun for some, but for others they wish to take their advocacy and marketing skills and turn it into something bigger.

For many influencers, this means entering into the workforce as a fashion editor.


Influencer turned fashion editors are able to use their previous advertising strategies and implement them at the company that they now work for.

They use their following, no matter how big, to promote magazine events and shed light on new ideas. By combining these two jobs into one, editors are able to make more money than before by earning cash for posting sponsored content.

This helps magazine companies create more brand awareness since they are being endorsed by social media gurus with huge follower bases.


In the same way that we see bloggers use their skills to become editors, we now see fashion editors switch roles and monetize on social media.

Over time, marketers in all types of industries have noticed that advertising on social media has its advantages. Social media marketing is now becoming more prevalent for the fashion world.

Companies can promote product releases and special events all with the click of a button. This type of publicity is easy and for the most part it is a low cost compared to other forms of paid advertising.


It is no secret that social media is beneficial to both influencers and companies. Since bloggers and editors are no longer exclusive of one another, it is easy for a grey area to appear.

What are ethical implications that come with using your influence, especially once you are directly connected to a specific brand? In order to combat any issues, managers now review and approve sponsored social media posts before an editor may publish it and inherently capitalize off of it.

While the process of going from an influencer to a fashion editor may not be a seamless transition, it is becoming more and more common. With that said, it shows just how powerful social media really is.


online influencers. online fashion influencer

source: the huffington post

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