How to tailor women's clothing

Sometimes women like some dresses, but that may not come with their perfect size. So, they can buy that and tailor that as a perfect one for them. 

Women’s cloth tailoring is not a difficult job if you know some basic things about tailoring. You just have to know some basic stitches and cut the clothes in a perfect way. 

The basic things you need to know to tailor women clothes are knowing the right measurements for the cloth, knowing the right threads, how to stitch. Besides these, before tailoring a dress, practice it in your old dress, buy a dress that fits with your widest measurement, before cut makes a test.  


1. The Right Measurements

When you are going to a trailer to cutting your clothes, they are always knowing the different brand’s perfect sizes. But when you are tailored for women to dress at home, then you should have know the perfect measurement of each part of the body, like the neck, hips, arms, bust, waist, inseam. 

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If for tailoring you bought the cloth online then remember to check all the size by given chart. And if you are buying the cloth from a shop personally, then you should bring the measuring tape and need to measure everything manually.  

After you, know the perfect measurements, then you are perfectly ready to tailor the women cloth.

2. Right Threads

Choosing the right threads is as important as the measurements. Mainly the colour of the thread is important here. If you want to swing a red saree or fork, it is obvious that you need to use a red thread to sewing that cloth. Either if choose a different one, like the black colour it’ll not match it. 

Besides, when you choose the colour of the matching thread, you can sew in different ways, becoming not perfect.  

3. Stichting Method 

To perfectly tailor a women cloth you should have known some basic stitching methods. Backstitching is also an important one for tailoring. The backstitching actually does a perfect lock in the back when you are stitching a cloth. It is needed to keep the clothes in a perfect way, so it doesn’t become loose anyway and your stitching become open.

This stitching is basically done perfectly in a sewing machine. When you sew your cloth in the front way, after some stitching put it into the machine and also back stiching it. It’ll be perfectly locking the stitch and make the stitch strong.  

4. Buy the Widest Measurement Dress

To tailor a cloth in your size, try to buy the cloth in your widest measurement. For example, if you buy a pant, then choose a pant size that's measurement is the same on the hips (that is the widest part). But don't buy one, that is fit on your waist but too tight in the hips.

Because if you choose the buy with the widest part, you can fix the other loose parts of the pant by tailoring them. 

5. Make a Test, Before Cutting

You should always make the test before trying a cut on your cloth. Measure the cutting part and preview it, that it’ll perfectly fit or not. You can draw a line in the garment in the cutting place or you can sew a loose seam that can be undone. 

Before cutting the part from a cloth always use the garment and make sure that the alternation part is correct. Besides, always remove the excess parts from your clothes. 

So, as you are now aware of the basic methods, you are ready to do your first women’s cloth tailoring. Good luck with that!