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How to Mix and Match Your Favorites with Your Personality.

01 Aug 2022

You need to be aware of what works for your body type in order to put together outfits that make you appear fantastic. It is quite beneficial to have a deep understanding of your physical make-up, your measurements, and the aspects of your appearance that you wish to highlight.

Get Your Own Aesthetic:

Even if you wear a wide variety of clothes on a daily basis, you may have noticed that certain recurring motifs appear throughout all of those varied items. One of my customers introduced tactile aspects into her wardrobe by wearing various pieces that included tone-on-tone textures, such as lace details that were in the same fabric as the underlying layer; cut-out details; or discreet ornamentation.

Because you know you can make a statement with so much less, you could find that you have less of an interest in wearing vivid colors or accessories that are particularly dramatic.

You might be drawn to things from the past from your favorite vintage shops, but there is a difference between wearing an entire period look for authentic vintage fashion and vintage-inspired fashion, in which you mix vintage items with everyday clothing. Authentic vintage fashion requires that you dress from head to toe in period clothing. Vintage-inspired fashion involves mixing vintage items with everyday clothing.

It's possible that you prefer the bohemian-chic aesthetic, which is characterized by natural fabrics that are flowing and loose, vintage patterns in neutrals and warm tones, and bold accessories.

Take a Look at Your Personal Habits

Always remember to take into consideration how you currently live. Because of the wide variety of ways in which women live their lives, there is no "list" of items of clothing that should be included in every woman's closet. Where you live, the temperature, how you spend your time, and what you want to portray with your image will all have an impact on the types of clothes you need to have in your wardrobe.

The amount of time you spend wearing it ought to be proportional to the number of items of clothing you own and really put on. If you spend the bulk of your time in smart business attire, it is pointless to have a large casual wardrobe because you will not use it.

Putting Elements Together

It may be difficult to successfully combine the various aspects of what works for your lifestyle, your personal style, your personality, and your aesthetic, as well as what complements your physical attributes.

You don't need to bother about matching the outfit word for word. You can use something you already own that is comparable to the components as a substitute. The process of determining how to wear something in a manner that is comfortable for you can take many different forms; for example, it may mean purchasing various iterations of the most recent fashion trends. For instance, if you are a short person yet want to wear a shirt that is too big for you, you should look for a version that is scaled down and has shorter sleeves, a closer fit in the shoulders, and possibly even a top that is shorter overall.

If you really want to take it to the next level, take a quick selfie right before you dash out the door, and then save the picture somewhere convenient for later use. Taking a picture of yourself wearing your clothes and accessories is a strong tool that may help you get a better sense of how those items look on you. Taking snapshot forces you to be more objective, allowing you to determine whether or not the colors are working, whether or not the contrast is right, whether or not the fit is good, whether or not the shapes are flattering, and whether or not the proportions are balanced, and so on. You can better understand how the rules are applied by looking at photographs.

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