fix damage sweaters

Sweater dresses are long cozy and stylish wool or cotton knitted dresses that you can wear without bottom wearing. Choosing a sweater dress is best option to look , attractive and modern. But if you notice a hole in sweater dress that may be due to rubbing of belt buckle against your sweater during washing dishes or clothes. Or if you have a cat and she swiped at you. The moths can also be the reason of hole in your sweater dress that can make you sad. But do not worry in this article we have complete guidelines and tips to fix holes of a sweater dress.

Ways to repair holes in a sweater dress

There are two different ways to repair holes in a sweater dress. These are a Professional and the other one is done at home by yourself.

1. Repairing holes by professionals

The professionals are expert in repairing holes in sweater dresses. They mend holes and make it completely disappear. But sometime , for example when hole is large or there are more than one hole in sweater dress then the professional way to repair holes might be expensive. At such time the repairing expenses may exceeds than the sweater price, So you can also learn how to repair or fix holes in sweater dress.

2. Repairing holes by yourself

This method to repair holes is inexpensive and affordable. You will need some materials to repair holes in sweater dress. These include:

  • Needle
  • Scissors
  • Wool thread
  • Darning mushroom

If you are repairing by yourself, make sure you are working neatly. Means if you find any remaining thread , cut them off by scissors smoothly with great care. Because a little bit carelessness can damage the fiber of your sweater dress.

fixing hole in sweater

Fixing of small holes

For repairing like professional and to disappear holes completely, First of all check out the size of hole because the small sized can be easily repaired with needle and thread. If there is a small hole, choose the yarn that match in color and size with your sweater dress. Some sweaters are also comes with a little bit extra match yarn, so save those to use for repairing any damage part of your sweater dress.

Make the knot of thread and insert the needle at the edges of hole. To start repairing use a darning stitch, which is a simple running stitch where you make a ladder like stitch by knitting thread in rows on the fabric and at the end of rows reverse the direction. You can start this by working horizontally. When you pull the thread, make sure you are not pulling tightly and keeping the stitch a little bit loose because pulling thread tightly will create crumple or creasing in the end. You can use a darning mushroom that help to create tension to the hole and make it spread so, you can create a woven patch. Keep remember that you have to stitch for filling the hole so avoid stitching to close them. After this weave your yarn or thread through the stitches you just completed. When enough yarn will be used and incorporated , you will see the hole is filled.

At starting you may not repair neatly but after practice you will also be able to repair even large holes in sweater dresses.

Fixing of large holes

In fixing a large hole you can not just pull the edges together to fill the hole like you can in fixing a small hole, instead of this you have to use a piece of new fabric or a woven patch with thread. So fixing a large hole, sew the thread in vertically and  weave the thread in horizontal lines.

Steps to fix a large hole

The above repairing or fixing the large hole can be done step-by-step. These steps include

knot the thread

First of all locate the large hole and now turn it over in such a way that the wrong side of fabric faces you. Then take the matching thread and insert into needle. After inserting the matched thread in needle, knot the thread from one end.

Insert the needle from right side of fabric and turn over the sweater dress. To see what you are working , place a piece cardboard of different color between the layers of garments. It also helpful in avoiding accidentally sewn of wrong layers.

Making a frame

Now make a frame with stitches around the hole in sweater dress. For making frame, push the needle up and down the fabric and ensure that stitches are near to the edge of hole.  Also ensure that these stitches are not near around the broken fiber.

If you stitch near the broken part of fiber then your patch will be detached when this part of fiber break again, because the stitches near the broken fiber is not adequately secured.

Make darning stitch

Make the darning stitch which is simply knitting the thread in rows horizontally over the hole following the frame you made by stitching patch. Press the needle up the right side of fiber and pull the needle along with thread.

Now reverse the direction of pulling needle means , take the needle at the same Hight but now on the left side of hole. Repeat the same stitch and at the end insert the needle up along with the thread tightly.

Stitch in vertical direction

At last knit the yarn in vertical direction in the same way as you did in horizontal or in rows direction. But now pass the needle over and under each one of the rows or horizontal lines. Repeating this stitch will create a woven patch. At the end, knot the thread on the wrong side of fiber.

Other methods to fix the hole In sweater dresses

The above mentioned ways to fix hole in sweater dresses are not only , you can also fix the hole in creative way such as by using thread of different colors. Here are some of these creative methods to fix the hole in sweater dresses:

1. Using thread of different colors

You can fix the hole by stitching in the same way as mentioned above but this time you can also use thread of different or contrasting fun colors , instead of matching colors. This method fix the hole in attractive look that you can confidently show off.

2. Use iron instead of stitching

If you don’t want to stitch the hole, you can also use iron to press the patch that can be a best choice. For using this method use a hot iron to press the patch over the hole, and in this way the patch will stick to your sweater dress and covers the hole.

3. Stich a path of fabric

For a creative and attractive look by fixing the hole is achieved by placing a piece of beautiful fiber under the hole and stitching it around the hole in order to fix or secure it. It will make the hole pretty good and different.


You can fix holes of your favorite sweater dresses even at home by yourself. It  will fix the hole in attractive, creative and in inexpensive way. The fixing of holes helps the environment by not throwing the sweater dress. You can fix holes in different ways, for fixing holes in creative look you can use thread of different colors. I hope this article will be really helpful to you in fixing holes of your any sweater dresses.