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Winter coats are essential in everyone's winter wardrobe as they keep warm, cozy and protected from winter. Many people think it is unnecessary to wash winter coats but like  other is necessary to wash winter coats at least two times a year, once in winter and when you want to store them for next winter. In this article we have complete guidelines and tips about “How to wash winter coats.” The right method of washing and guidelines enable you to keep your winter coats in better condition or look as they were at purchasing time. So read these guidelines and instructions to wash winter coats in a better way.

Methods to wash winter coat

To wash your winter coat with great care follow the following steps :

Prior to wash read care label

Whenever you want to wash your winter coats, read the care label and wash according to that label. If there is not a wash then go with dry cleaning. So wash your coats according to the care label. Apply wash cycle and temperature according to care label and read instructions carefully about detergents and how to dry it. The instructions mentioned on care label tag are according to fabric or material of coat, so never ignore these instructions.

Dry cleaning

If there is a tag of dry cleaning only on the care label , and of do not wash then go with dry cleaning to clean or remove any dirt from winter coat. Dry cleaning of winter coat is best option to clean it. Always choose an expert dry cleaner to retain the shape and texture of your coat.

Washing of winter coat

You can wash your winter coat if there is a tag of Washable on the care label of your winter coat. Be careful while washing your winter coat because the carelessness can deteriorate the color and texture or even the shape of your coat. There are some rules to follow before washing your coat. These important rules or steps are mentioned below:

Dust the dirt

Before washing your coat dust the dirt by shaking the coat to get rid of dirt and debris from the fibers of your winter coat.

Remove stains before wash

Before washing your coat use a stain remover and apply to clean stain of food stuff ,any oil or armpits sweating from your winter coat. For this take a stain remover, pour it on the stain and let it work for 10 minutes then rub it gently. After rubbing  gently rinse it under clear water. Keep it mind before applying stain remover on stains directly , check is it suitable or not for fabric of winter coat by applying a little bit on a less visible part of your coat. If this not damage the fabric then you can use on stains directly. This step also includes in pre-washing treatment which is essential to wash winter coat with great care. This step is beneficial in reducing the wash cycle which will be helpful in maintaining the winter coat in its original form.

wash women winter coat

Necessary steps to prepare coat for washing

You have to take some steps to prepare your winter coat for washing and keeping its fiber and texture in correct order. For example if your winter coat have zip or buttons then close them before putting in machine for washing. Because the open buttons or zip teeth can damage fabric of other cloth or coat.

Also check the pockets of your coat before washing and make sure these pockets are empty and have no things that can be damage by washing or that can damage the fiber of your coat.

Moreover if your coats have some teared parts then repaired these damage parts before washing. Wash winter coats of different colors separately.

Method to wash with hands

Wash your coat with hands if there is a tag of Hand wash only. Washing with hands is best option to wash your winter coat. For washing winter coat with hands take some water in a tub or sink and add better detergent in water, mix the water and detergent.  Now soak the coat in this for almost 15 to 20 minutes. After sometime shake the water gently. Now rub or scrub the coat gently and rinse it under the running water until the winter coat is free from detergent.

After rinsing the coat under running water, squeeze the coat smoothly and avoid wring-ling that can damage the fibers of winter coat. Therefore be careful while squeezing your coat to retain its shape.

After squeezing water from coat , let the coat to dry in air. For drying your coat lay it flat on the towel in air. Make sure your coat is not in direct exposure to sunlight or heat sources as that will damage the fibers of wool and faux fur coat.

Hand washing is a useful method so be careful and also ensure the quality and quantity of detergent that you are using for washing winter coat.

Machine wash

You can also wash your coat in machine , if there is a label of Machine washable. For washing in machine read the instructions of care label carefully. Follow these instructions such as temperature of water, cycle speed and duration.

Water cycle and temperature

Use water temperature according to care label, you can use cold or lukewarm water in machines. Also set the gently water cycle for washing your coat. Keep in mind never use hot or warm water for washing a wool coat because the hot or warm water can damage the fibers of coat and can also cause the shrinking of wool coat.

Use a mesh bag

After setting water temperature and cycle , take a mesh bag and place your coat in it to prevent snags. Now you can put the coat in washing machine and run the machine with full load.

Wash or rinse the coat

After using gently wash cycle , remove the coat from mesh bag and rinse it under running water until the coat is free from detergent.

Dry the coat

After rinsing coat, squeeze the extra water from coat and let it dry in air. For drying your winter coat, lay it flat on a towel in air.


Before washing reading of care label is a thumb rule and follow these instructions carefully. Work with great care because the carelessness can deteriorate the shape and texture of your coat and may be lost your favorite winter coat. I hope this article will be helpful for you in washing your winter coat.