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When you go to market to buy a coat for winter, you must consider about the size and fitting of coat.  Many women ask question that how they can find a fitted coat for winter. If you are investing money in buying winter coat for keeping yourself warm and cozy, ensure the size of coat is perfect and it is not too tight because in winter for protecting yourself from sever cold you may go with an extra layer under the coat. In this article you will find a complete guidelines about how should  a coat fit a woman.

The right fitting coat give you comfortable and keeps you warm and cozy in sever winter or colder days so choose a perfect fitting coat. Whenever you buy a coat , follow the following tips and guidelines to purchase a right fitting coat.

Check sleeves fitness

When you try a new coat , check the sleeves fitness by ensuring that you can rise and move your arms comfortably with wearing coat. The length of sleeves should be enough too reach to your wrist.

A hug test is usually used to check the size and fitness of winter coat. For a hug test , wear your new coat and zip it up. Now raise your arms straight out in front of you and hug yourself by reaching your hands at the shoulder lines of opposite arms. If you feel difficulty in raising your arms for hug , it means this coat size is not right. And if you also find tight it through your elbow and shoulders then it is better to try on the next size for a comfy wearing.

Remember one thing when you try a new coat , it’s better to try it over a thick sweater , hoodie or jacket because in sever winter you will must wear a layer of sweater or jacket under the coat to keep yourself warm and cozy. So try new coat over a thick sweater or hoodie.

Coat closing

For keeping yourself fully covered and warm , you must close up your coat in winters. Therefore you will not want to buy a coat that you can not close. So when you go to market to buy a winter coat , try it and make sure it can be close properly even layering it over a thick coat, hoodie or jacket.

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Check Attractive design or look of coat

While you are trying a new winter coat , check it’s design and look as you are buying it to wear for few years. Choose a coat which is looking good and also provide warmth and coziness. If you will choose a trendy fashionable winter coat that is looking attractive but fail to provide warmth and cozy than it’s means you are wasting your money because the main purpose of a winter coat is to keep you warm and cozy with a stylish look. So choose a coat which will keep you warm and cozy with a stylish and modern look in winters.

Length of the coat

Choose a winter coat’s length according to your hight. For checking length of coat , wear a new winter coat and stands in front of mirror and look is it fit properly. If sleeves are not reaching at your wrists and not covering it means coat is too small. If the bottom of coat also rides up , it also means coat is too small to wear in winter. On the other hand if sleeves have more length than it’s means coat is too big. So choose the winter coat of right length to keep yourself warm and cozy.

Right coat for winter

For winter the right coat is that provide you warmness and coziness. Choose the coat that is made of  a material that insulate cold wind of winter efficiently and keep you warm and cozy. The coats that are made of wool or fleece are better to wear in winters if you are living in southern areas. But if you are living in northern areas then choose a coat that is made of leather or fur to keep yourself warm and protected from the cold of winter.

Fabric of coat

The winter is not only cold but also a wet weather. The best winter coats are those which can keep you protected and warm in rainy , snowy and sever cold weather. So choose a winter coat that is made of a waterproof fabric but there is a challenge in choosing a stylish and trendy coat in waterproof fabric because coat with waterproof fabric are not in trendy designs. Choose a  waterproof coats to keep yourself warm and cozy even in rainy and snowy weather.

Front of coat

Choose a coat that have comfortable front so you can layer such coat over a thick sweater. In sever cold it is better to buttoned up the coat to prevent from cold air. So check the coat by doing button up , if you feel uncomfortable or any stress while buttoned up the coat then its means coat is too tight.

An over-sized coat fitness

Most of us like to wear an over-sized coat in winter. So it is also important learn about how to check the fitness of an over- sized coat. There are some things that you have to learn if you want to wear a right an over-sized coat.

There are particular recommendations regarding the length , sized of shoulder , sleeves and body of the coat.

Size of an over-sized coat

The main and basic thing to consider for choosing right winter coat is the length of an over sized coat. Usually the length of an over sized coat is varies from person to person so choose the length of coat according to your choice that how much length you want to drape down. Most of us like to wear an over-sized coat that falls below to knee which is considered as full length of over-sized coat.

Shoulder of an over- sized coat

 To buy a right sized overcoat used a measuring tape and measure from the base of your neck to your shoulder and then measure the size of shoulder according to this measurement. If you buy a wrong sized shoulder coat then you feel uncomfortable in that over-sized coat.

Sleeves length of an over-sized coat

Sometimes you also want to wear an over-sized coat over a thick sweater and jacket under the coat . Therefore choose a coat buy measuring sleeves one inch more than your blazer or jacket’s sleeves to  feel yourself comfortable and cozy in sever winter.


Now shop your winter coat according to your choice and guidelines of this article and enjoy your winter with a great stylish look and in a warm and cozy way. Hope this article will help you to choose right fitted winter coat.