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How To Dress Up a Women Cashmere Cardigan Sweater

A cashmere cardigan sweater is  perfect to wear in spring as it is  a little cold but not sever winter so in this you can wear a light layer cashmere cardigan sweater to keep yourself warm and stylish according to weather. When you go to market for buying a cashmere long cardigan ,make sure it is of trendy style, desirable designed long and also ensure the quality of your cashmere long cardigan.

A long cashmere cardigan sweater can be worn in various styles  according to event and mood to keep yourself warm and for an elegant and modern look. You can enjoy different looks by creating different looks with your favorite cashmere long cardigan.

Ideas for dressing cashmere cardigan sweater

In this blog we have various ideas regarding dressing a cashmere long cardigan so follow these and make yourself modern and fashionable .

Cashmere cardigan sweater with skirt

For an elegant look wear a cashmere cardigan sweater with your favorite skirt. You can dressed up these outfit with high heels or knee high boots for looking more attractive and causal  look. For a final look you can also wear some accessories like jewelry with it to look perfect at your weekend.

Cashmere cardigan sweater and a high-neck

In winters you can contrast cashmere cardigan sweater with a high neck. This contrast will give you a classic look and also keep you warm and protect you from cold. For this you can try high neck of some decent and classic colors with a little dark color cashmere cardigan sweater.

Long-line cashmere cardigan sweater with black skirt

Most of people’s favorite color is black so for looking charming and attractive with black skirt ,wear a long-line cashmere cardigan over it. This outfit will help you to look tall land keep you warm in winter. For a stylish look wear black knee high boots or black heels. For attractive look you can also wear silver jewelry over black skirt . This outfit is perfect for a party event with elegant and stylish look.

Cashmere cardigan sweater with tight jeans

One of the attractive outfit idea for a business causal look is wearing a light Grey color cashmere  cardigan sweater over a grey crew neck tee with grey pants. You can wear a black or pale pink heels with it. The cashmere cardigan sweater keep you warm and cozy in sever winter.

Long-line cashmere cardigan with white shirt

For a pretty stylish look you can wear a long line cashmere cardigan over a white skirt with a pair of black pants. Choose the decent color of cashmere cardigan sweater to create an elegant look and for protecting yourself  from cold. Wear heels with this stylish outfit for a finishing look. You can also wear necklace or any other light jewelry to look amazing and attractive.

girl with cashmere cardigan with smile

Long cashmere cardigan and a plaid scarf

For an attractive and cozy look wear a black fitted skirt with black jeans and a light brown color long cashmere cardigan. For a stylish look wear a plaid scarf with this in a stylish way and a pair of grey heels to achieve complete look. This is amazing outfit idea to keep yourself warm , cozy and also attractive in a stylish way.

Grey cashmere cardigan and black crew neck sweater

For a casual business look ,you can choose a black crew neck fitted sweater and a grey cashmere over it. For the rest of outfit you can choose blue fitted jeans .To complete this look you can  wear  black shoes with this outfit . The sweater and cashmere cardigan will keep you warm up and protect you from cold.

Maxi cashmere cardigan with blue shorts and white sneakers

You can wear a long maxi cashmere cardigan with an outfit such as blue shorts and a white t-shirts to look attractive and modern. With this outfit use white sneakers to complete or achieve a casual look and also for keeping yourself cozy and attractive.

Black cashmere cardigan with black and white striped shirt

Another best idea for wearing cashmere cardigan is wearing a black cashmere cardigan over a striped black and white t-shirt . Choose a dark jeans or pants with it and wear some accessories  like necklace for stylish look. You can wear white sneakers with this outfit. You can wear this casual looking outfit for grocery shopping or when you go to market and some other casual hangouts. So try this with an elegant look.

Grey cashmere cardigan with black leather pants

For ironic and an attractive look you can wears grey cashmere sweater with black leather skirt. This outfit is best for keeping yourself warm and attractive in winters. You can also add some accessories like black leather bag for a charming look. With this outfit choose heels or knee high black boots. You can wear this outfit at your nigh parties or other events to look attractive and stylish.

Creamy cashmere cardigan with white top and white  trousers

You can wear a creamy cashmere cardigan over a white top with white trouser in a cold day at your work as this  outfit is really reliable and keep you warm and protect from the cold. Wear some light grey sneakers and a dark brown leather bag for casual and classic looking.

Grey cashmere cardigan for casual looking

For casual looking wear a grey cashmere cardigan over a grey t-shirt with grey jeans and also wear a grey scarf with this outfit . This outfit is very attractive and also help to keeping yourself warm and cozy. You can also go with this outfit at your office or working site.

Over-sized grey cashmere cardigan with grey jeans

Another idea for casual looking outfit is wear an over-sized grey cashmere cardigan over a white t-shirt with grey tight jeans and  white sneakers. When you want to buy over-sized cashmere sweater , ensure that cashmere sweater is designed desirably over-sized . You can also wear some accessories like jewelry or bag with this outfit.

Red cashmere cardigan with black jeans

For an attractive look at your work , wear a red cashmere cardigan over a red tee with black jeans and red heels. You can also wear a silver necklace for a charming look. This outfit idea give you a modern and fashionable look with comfort .

White cashmere sweater and camel coat

In winters you can wear a white cashmere sweater with black pants. For an attractive look wear a camel coat over this white cashmere sweater. You can wear this outfit at your work with great comfort.

Over-sized cashmere sweater and matching skirt

For a weekend look wear a camel cashmere over-sized sweater with matching skirt  and wear white sneakers and a matching hat with this outfit. This outfit idea is best for weekend to look attractive and elegant.


Cashmere cardigan are trendy , cozy and can be worn with any outfit like with pants to skirt and also with leather pants. With these you can wear any type of shoe according to your mood and event. The cashmere cardigan provides protection from cold and also give you an attractive , casual and elegant look.


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