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In winter we have to layering ourselves for keeping ourselves warm and protected from cold but that’s doesn’t mean to compromise with your stylish look. Just we need to dressing creatively to keeping ourselves warm and also for maintaining our stylish look. In this article you will find various ideas to dress up stylish in winter.

Outfit layers

In winters wear three outfit layers to protect yourself from cold and keeping yourself warm and cozy in comfort zone.

First layer

firstly wear a layer of warm cloth like thermal or wool tights that can be wear under your winter jacket or sweater. It will keep you warm and provide protection in the sever winter.

Second layer

After wearing first layer of warm cloth, choose your winter sweater or jacket for second layer. While you are selecting your jacket or sweater ensure that it is trendy as well as comfortable in wearing. The second outfit layer should be a little bit over sized as you have to wear it over thermal tights but you can use belt to fit it for looking stylish.

Third layer

For third outfit layer you can wear a warm and cozy coat or long cardigan for a stylish look. This third layer of coat or long cardigan will protect the under layers from snow, wind , water and also give you a stylish and fashionable look in deep winter weather.

Ideas for keeping warm head , hands and feet with stylish look

Following are some ideas to keep yourself warm and cozy with a stylish look in deep winter weather so follow these ideas and keep yourself warm up and stylish.

For Head

In deep winter weather , wear a classic wool hat or hat which is made of any other warmth synthetic material which will keep you warm and protected from cold and also sustain your stylish look. In market a variety of hats are available , choose the trendy one and also check the synthetic material, ensure it will also cover your ears from the cold wind.

For Hands

For keeping your hands warm in sever winter ,wear some wool gloves . You can also wear gloves of leather which keeps your hands warm up. While you are buying gloves ensure that gloves are water proof and ensure the quality of material.

For Feet

In deep winter weather wear some wool thick socks and shoes to keep your feet warm up and cozy. In shoes there is many option to choose like you can wear knee high boots, leather boots and joggers etc. With these shoes also wear thick socks . This will keep you warm and protect you from cold in deep winter.

Wear long cardigan coats

The long cardigan coats are one of the most attractive outfit of winter. In deep winter weather these long cardigan coats protect from cold as they are long and with hoodie so cover you from neck to knee. These cardigan coats are available in diverse style and color , choose the trendy cardigan coat but also ensure the quality of material. The wearing of long cardigan with a skirt give an elegant look.

You can also wear a long cardigan coats with tight fitted dress which give a stylish and fashionable look so you can try this at your party evens to look modern.

The long cardigan over a white and black striped shirt and black pants give a classic look in winter so  you can try this at your working office to look adorable.

Wear a scarf for stylish look

You can cover your neck in a stylish way by wearing a beautiful scarf for protecting your neck from cold in deep winter weather. These are also available in a great variety of color and design in market, you can choose for contrasting with your outfit for a classic look.

Warmer wool sweater

The sweater is the basic outfit in deep winter , the wool sweater is the best option to keep yourself from cold. You can wear an over sized sweater for a stylish look. Remember one thing when you go to market for buying over sized sweater , ensure that it is desirable designed over size sweaters.

You can also wear simple sweater over a shirt in deep winter for keeping yourself warm and cozy .

Accessories in winter

In deep winter weather you should wear some accessories like a beautifully designed hat and some jewelries with winter outfit to look attractive and elegant. You can also wear gloves and scarf as accessories with winter outfit for keeping yourself warm as well as modern , fashionable or stylish.

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Wear faux fur coat

Faux fur coat is made of fake fur which also keep warm and have luxury or stylish look. You can wear faux fur coat over a tight pants or jeans for an attractive and elegant look. Over sized faux fur coat is the best option to wear in deep winter to keep yourself warm and cozy with comfortable and stylish look.

Wear belt with over sized coat

When you buy an over sized coat , make sure that is intentionally designed enlarged sized . While you are wearing an over sized coat use a belt to fit its waist and it also give a modern look. You can wear an over sized coat with jeans and knee high boots for an attractive and fashionable look.


Jackets are the best outfit option for winter with stylish look .The jacket will give you a modern and smarter look . In market various designs and styles of jackets are available. When you go for buying a jacket for winter make sure the quality of fabric material is better . The faux fur jacket and leather jackets are best for wearing in winter. These jackets have thick layer of fabric which insulates the cold air and provide strong protection from cold and also give a stylish or modern look.

For party look

For going to a party , wear a tight jeans with an over sized coat and you can wear black high heels or knee high boots with this outfit. You can also wear some accessories with this outfit like necklace etc for an attractive and elegant look. This outfit will also provide you protection from cold and also  maintain your stylish look in deep winter.

For office look

For an office look wear a black and white striped shirt with black pants, with this wear knee high boots and also wear a long cardigan coat that will give you a classic look. To look more stylish wear sunglasses with this outfit. Try this outfit and keep yourself fashionable or stylish in deep winter weather.


You can keep yourself protected from cold in deep winter weather and can also maintain your stylish look by wearing specific outfit as which are described in this article.

When you to market to buy winter outfit , choose the trendy and also ensure the quality of fabric.

In deep winter weather you can wear a faux fur coat, jacket, long cardigan coats and knee high boots to look modern, fashionable and stylish.