women with green cardigan

Unlike other sweaters , Cardigan sweaters have an open front which are usually long in size. The long cardigan is best option to wear in winter as it makes you modern, fashionable and also provide you comfort. Most interesting thing about long cardigan is that you can wear it at any place even at function with versatile style.  You can dress up long cardigan with different style according to your mood and event. You can wear a diverse variety of outfit with long cardigan. In  this article we are providing you complete guidelines or ideas about what you can wear with long cardigan.

A coat over a long cardigan

In sever winter you can wear a coat over the long  cardigan for protecting yourself from cold and to keep yourself warm. This idea of wearing long cardigan  provides you a stylish or fashionable look or appearance.

Jeans and crew-neck T-shirt

In simple way you can wear long cardigan with a t-shirt and jeans. The long cardigan over a t-shirt give a simple and an elegant look. Ensure the size of t-shirt is proper fit to you for looking beautiful and modern. For looking more charming use ankle boot with the long cardigan .

Use black heels

One of the best way to wear long cardigan is to use black heels with it for  looking classic. Therefore while you are using a long cardigan in winter to protect yourself from cold and also for fashionable look, also wear heels for looking unique and modern. From outfit you can choose tight jeans and a black or white fitted shirt.

A thin layer sweater

One of the most common way of outfit styling with long cardigan is to wear a simple and one thin  layer sweater. Choose the thin layer coat and ensure that it is comfortable and you can wear it confidently. Thin layer sweaters are light and easy to wear in cold season. Also ensure the size of sweater is lightly tight and wear long cardigan over it to look attractive.

women with cardigan on beach

Long cardigan and Knee high boots

Mostly people wear long knee high boots in winter so you can wear long cardigan along with jeans and Knee high boots for a simple and causal look. These knee high boots and long cardigan will keep you warm and also protects you from cold . The jeans that you wear in sever winter , protects you from sever winter and enable you to work confidently.

Long cardigan and black Pants

If you are working women  and want to wear long cardigan at your office then you can wear long cardigan with black pants, it will give you business causal look. The pairing of long cardigan with black pants give a unique , classic look and also protect you from cold. So feel free and easy to wear long cardigan at your working office with a versatile look.

Floral smocked Top with jeans and long cardigan

Flocked smocked top are beautiful outfit which are available in a variety of colors and styles in market . You can contrast floral smocked top with blue jeans and over it wear the long cardigan of your choice . This contrast of floral smocked top and blue jeans will give you an elegant look and use of long cardigan also increase the beautiful look and make you more attractive and elegant. For final touch you can wear heels of classic care with the above mentioned contrast to look perfect.

White Crew-neck bodysuit and long cardigan

The long cardigan can be wear over a white crew neck bodysuit to look classy. The white crew neck bodysuit is comfortable and with long cardigan it will make you more attractive and charming. By these you can wear wide-leg black trouser for looking more elegant and fashionable. Wear some accessories light jewelry with it for a modern look.

High waist flare jeans and white top with long cardigan

High waist flare jeans and white top is one of the best contrast to wear for looking more beautiful and charming. For protecting yourself from cold wear a long cardigan with classic color like white, creamy or off white over it. This long cardigan will keep your body warm and cozy and also add beauty in your look. For looking more attractive choose your favorite jewelry along with the above mentioned outfit.

Long-line shawl collar cardigan and monochrome sweater

The long line shawl cardigan is one of the most best option to wear for looking more stylish, with this wear a tie waist sleeveless rib sweater. Make sure the color of both long cardigan and sweater is almost same or contrasting for an attractive look. Along with this outfit wear a knee high boots confidently. This outfit combination will keep you warm ,protect you from cold  and also add beauty in your attractive look.

Long duster cardigan and white bodysuit with white jeans

This idea of outfit is one of my favorite is to wear a long duster cardigan and white body suit with white jeans. It will give you  the most classic and simple look . As white color is mostly considered as relating to spiritual color , therefore contrast of white bodysuit with white jeans is a comfortable and reliable. The long cardigan over white bodysuit create an elegant and modern look. Also it will keep your body warm and cozy.

Wear long cardigan with leggings

Another option for wearing long cardigan is to contrast loose  long cardigan with fitted black leggings and a white top. This contrast will give a modern and fashionable  look to you for your party event. The long cardigan will keep you warm from cold in part and also give you a stylish look. You can also wear some accessories like jewelry to look more stylish.

Long cardigan over a maxi dress

Wear a long cardigan over a maxi dress for an attractive look, also use a belt for fitting waist of long cardigan according to your body shape. You can use high heels or knee high boots with the contrast of long cardigan and maxi dress. Thus contrast of long cardigan and maxi dress more elegant and attractive.


  • The long cardigan can be wear in a variety of styles for looking charming , attractive and elegant.
  • You can wear long cardigan almost at every event, even at your work with different versatile outfit.
  • The long cardigan keep your body warm and cozy.