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In interview you have to present yourself as better as you can and going for an interview is really an anxious-making and you feel nervous. How to dress up foran interview is also a confusing step for going on interview because many companies and institutes are very conservative regarding to dressing of their employ. So wearing better dress is really matter and it also make you confident to represent yourself in a better way. Your dressing outfit also greatly influence your Interviewer's belief in competence. In this article we are with complete guidelines and tips to dress up for an interview. So read it  carefully to dress up for a better and successful interview.

Guidelines for a woman to dress up for an interview

There are various options to dress up formal outfits for an interview. The most common and popular outfits include suits, cardigans, skirts, jean tights, dress pants and knee-length dresses. Mostly women like to wear white, black, brown and navy blue colors outfits on their interview.

Choose dress according to kind of job

Whenever you want to dress up for an interview, choose a dress according to your kind of job. For example if you are going to an interview for a business profession, you should choose a formal suit  and if your going to interview a casual business , you can wear a semi-formal dressing which include a trousers and a light shirt. Many companies prefer formal dressing so dress according to your company’s  dress code.

Dressing for an interview of business profession

For an interview of business profession, a formal dressing is best option. Here is a complete guideline for a formal dressing.

Wear a suit for a professional interview

For a job interview, wearing a suit is best option to dress up in a formal way and it is really safe. You can wear a skirt or pants with shirt of light color. Make sure the suit is properly fitted to you. You may also choose darker pants to balance your personality. As interview decides your selection for job, so choose a best quality suit according to your budget. With wearing a suit, hold some accessories like a branded handbag or you can also wear a classic and decent scarf. If you want to wear a skirt, skirt of knee-high length is very suitable for an interview. 

Wear a simple and classic shirt

For an interview, wear a simple and classic shirt like simple shirt of neutral color such as white, black or gray. You can also wear a well-made knitted top under the suit that can give a professional look on your interview. You can also wear a jacket of better quality over your shirt.


Wear shoes of better quality as shoes are the fist thing that an interviewer may notice when you will enter in his office. You can wear a mild-high heels, make sure you feel comfort to wear these heels and you can easily carry heels. Another best option is wearing a classic sendal.

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Dressing for an interview of casual business

For an interview of casual business, you can dress up semi-formal such as casual dress, jeans with simple shirts and blazer of neutral colors. You can also wear simple jewelry like necklace and can add some accessories such as a handbag. Choose accessories that show off your personality. In casual dressing you can wear high heels but ensure you feel easy and comfort to carry high heels.

Casual dressing

To dress up a casual dress you can wear a pair of pants with dark knitted sweater. It will give you a classy look for your interview. If you want to wear a shirt , ensure that it is button down with collar.

Choose accessories of dark color with this outfit but make sure these are of high quality. Before going for interview, check that there is no thread hanging out of your knitted sweater and make sure your dress is clean and have no strain.

Tips to dress up for an interview

Here are some tips to dress up for your job interview with a classic and elegant look.

Choose proper fitted dress

Whether you are dressing for a business or casual professional interview, make sure the dresses you choose are fitted to you because the loose or baggy clothes may form a negative impression on the interviewer. 

Choose according to climate and season

Your comfortable is very important during your interview. Therefore choose clothes according to season that will provide you comfort. For example if there is a cold weather, it will be better to wear a winter coat that will keep you cozy and warm.

Wear a well pressed dress

 Whatever you decide to wear to your interview, it is best to pressed your dress properly and make sure your dress is wrinkle free for a professional look. It will influence a better impression on your interviewer.

Do an appropriate make-up

If you want to do make-up , do a light and appropriate make-up that enhance your professional look. For example: use a natural concealer to cover blemish and then a neutral powder for a light shinning face. On eyes use a light brown or a slight darker tone of eye shadow. And finally use a lipstick that match with your lip color.

Avoid a make-up that give you a bold look. Make a simple hair style and make sure you are not constantly touching your hairs. Do make-up in such way that give a look that show like you are not wearing make-up and give a natural look.

Wear less jewelry

For a professional look, it is better to wear less and simple jewelry like a light and simple necklace. You can also wear a pair of simple earrings. Keep in mind, don’t wear too much rings.

Use social media

 You can also find out the company dress code by using social media. So check out company’s social media to find their dressing ideas. After finding dressing of company’s women , try to dress up a level up from them for a better impression on interviewer.

Wear comfortable footwear

Choose a pair of comfortable footwear. The footwear is the first thing that may be notice by your interviewer. So choose a best and decent footwear for your interview.

Choose dress color carefully

The dress color greatly reflect your personality and also influence the interview, so choose dress color carefully. Try to choose light and neutral color shirt and dark color pants or skirt.


For any job, interview is the first step and it is really anxious-making. But try to be confident and wear a formal or semi-formal dress according to kind of your job. Always choose a dress in which you feel comfort because your comfort is very important during your interview. You will find complete guidelines and tips about how to dress up for an interview. Hope this article will really help you to dress up for your interview.