How To Care For And Wash Winter Clothing

As the temperature continues to drop, we are all grabbing for our go-to pieces from our winter wardrobe. The majority of our outerwear, from sweaters to scarves, is made of wool, which helps to keep us warm. However, woolen garments require specialized maintenance in order to retain their pristine condition. 

Wool is not like synthetic or cotton textiles in any way. Because it is made of a fragile natural fiber, it must be washed by hand and treated carefully; otherwise, it might stretch out of its original form. In the same vein, it is not sufficient to simply cram them in the wardrobe if you want them to remain warm and pleasant; wool requires some more care! The topic that needs to be answered now is how sweaters and other winter clothing should be properly cared for. 

The following are some suggestions from us that will assist you in properly washing and caring for your winter apparel:

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For washing instructions, always check the clothing tag:

However tempting it may be to remove the tags from your clothing, you shouldn't because they carry important information about how to properly care for your winter attire. On the label of most winter clothes, it will say to wash them by hand; however, there may be some that can be machine washed. If you want the best results, make sure to carefully follow the cleaning directions that are printed on the label of the garment.

You always have the option of taking your winter items to get them dry cleaned, but the cost of doing so might add up. If you are familiar with the appropriate techniques and procedures, it is possible to successfully hand wash winter garments at home. Continue reading so that you can find out more.

Hand-wash woolens with mild detergent:

Hand washing is the most effective method for maintaining knitted items such as your favorite scarf or the sweater that your grandma knitted for you. The majority of wool, including Pashmina, Cashmere, and Angora, must be cleaned using the same procedure of extreme caution. Here are some tips:

  • Do not wring the clothing out to dry it because doing so can cause the wool's fibers to get distorted.
  • The soap should be washed from the garment by rinsing it in some lukewarm water. It's possible that you'll need to rinse it twice.
  • Before you wash the item, give any stains a pre-treatment by kneading a small amount of detergent into the stain with your fingertips and then rubbing gently on the stain.

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Machine-washable winter clothes:

If the label on your clothing indicates that it may be machine washed, it is imperative that you follow the washing machine washing instructions to the letter.

  • Powder detergents are not recommended for use with wool because of their potentially damaging effects. Use a liquid detergent
  • Woolen garments should be washed on a gentle cycle after being turned inside out. However, if your washing machine also includes a wool cycle or a hand-wash cycle, you can use those instead.
  • When washing, use only water that is lukewarm or cold.

Clean up spills quickly:

If you don't act quickly, that delicious hot chocolate can make you feel like slacking off right now, but if you don't, it could irreversibly stain your most cherished wool sweater. Once they have been established, stains on wool are far more difficult to remove. Quick action is required if you want your winter gear to look as good as new:

  • Before beginning the hand washing process, pre-treat the stain by rubbing a wool-friendly liquid detergent into it in a circular motion. Flip the piece of clothing inside out.
  • Wash the item using the wool or delicate cycle, and ensure that the water temperature is low during the process.
  • For the last spin cycle, select the slowest speed possible so that you may minimize the amount that the fabric will stretch.