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05 Feb 2019

What’s so glam about the cozy of winter? There is so much to glam about in a studded pearl sweater, especially if you take a trip down memory lane and are inspired by the Disney classic, Alice in Wonderland! This season Beverly Hills Bold Holidays style celebrated the holiday season with a very unique installation on Via Rodeo called Immersed in Wonderland.

Immersed in Wonderland was created by artist Alexa Meade at Two Rodeo Drive. Centered along the famed cobblestone streets of Via Rodeo, guests were given an opportunity to not only enjoy the artwork, they were able to become part of the artwork and experience all things Alice and Wonderland. Hence the name, Immersed in Wonderland. Everything was hand painted, giving enthusiastic visitors the opportunity to actively participate in the art with matching hand painted costumes and accessories. It was a three dimensional experience, that didn’t quite take you down the rabbit hole, but instead brought you various sides of wonderland!

Come aboard the adventure as I take you to the different Alice in Wonderland rooms, inclusive of the famed tea party. Who could forget the classic style of Alice; and on the note of winter trends, my sleeves were fur cuffed. The style guide of the cozy winter trends this season is the fur cuffed sleeves.

You’ve probably seen your fair share of celebs sporting this style. What’s great about the fur sleeves other than warmth is that it brings out your inner glam girl and lets you rock a unique winter look while keeping you cozy and stylish.

My Immersed in Wonderland outfit included: STS Jeans, a Baciano Design Sweater, Prada Belt and a smile to outfit the beautiful day!

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