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What to Wear in the Winter: Tips for Dressing Warmly

12 Jul 2022

When it comes to your wardrobe for the winter, the primary objective should be to provide adequate protection from the cold weather. However, this does not preclude having fun with winter fashion in any way, shape, or form.

Wrap Yourself In Three Coats:

You may wear silk underwear, a turtleneck made of merino wool, and leggings as your base layer. These are all lightweight, moisture-wicking essentials that will keep you warm without causing you to perspire. Insulation can be provided by your middle layer, which could be anything like a thick fleece. In addition, the outer layer, which might be a parka or a winter coat, protects the wearer from the wind and the rain.

Tighten it up!

Wind chill can be reduced by wearing clothing that fits closely to the body. Make the switch from wide-leg jeans to skinny jeans; this will assist in visually balancing out clunky boots and knit sweaters with oversized proportions. Wear leggings or tights lined with fleece to keep your legs warm when wearing skirts and dresses.

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Wear Coats with Hoods:

It may be fashionable to wear cropped puffers, but if you want to keep your core warm, you should always make sure that your entire torso is covered. Be sure to include at least one long sweater and a coat in your wardrobe for the days that are the coldest.

Recognize that sweaters can be worn with skirts:

Combine a knee-length pencil skirt with a pullover knit with chunky cable stitches. Try the French tuck with your sweater and pair it with a statement belt to keep the proportions of the outfit in check. Looser maxi and midi skirts can also be worn with sweaters.

Select the appropriate kind of down:

Due to its lightweight nature while still maintaining its insulating properties, down is an excellent material for keeping warm. However, as soon as it gets wet, its puffiness disappears almost immediately. Even though it's heavier, synthetic down can withstand becoming wet. You'll want to cover your down jacket from the rain with either synthetic down or a separate rain shell, depending on the severity of the precipitation.

Purchase wool:

Wool's ability to wick away moisture keeps you comfortable and dry throughout the day. Merino and cashmere are great alternatives to wool for those who find wool itchy. Merino wool is extremely fine and soft, making it ideal for use as a foundation layer: For the best possible base layer for the cold, try donning a merino turtleneck and some leggings. Cashmere is a luxurious and silky type of wool that will help you feel warm and snug. It's a terrific choice for cozy beanies and cardigans that are appropriate for the office.

Avoid using cotton in your clothing:

Cotton is a wonderful textile that is breathable, but because it absorbs and retains a lot of water, it is not the best choice to wear during the winter. Fall and spring are the perfect seasons to wear your corduroy pants, plaid flannel shirts, and college sweatshirts. If you have any pants made of wool, you should wear those rather than denim.

Consider your scarf, hat, and gloves to be accessories:

If you wear the same winter coat every day, you may spice up your look by switching up the hats, scarves, and gloves that you wear with it. A drab winter outfit can be brightened up with a splash of color by donning a multicolored cashmere beanie. In addition, donning a hat is a simple step you may take to keep your entire body warm.

Select footwear with tread:

Choose footwear with a tread pattern if you live in an area that has snowfall to reduce the risk of falling on ice. Put these on over your thick wool socks to protect your toes from getting frostbite.

Reuse summertime favorites: 

A cute option for an outfit to wear to a winter party is to start with your go-to slip dress, then add a turtleneck sweater, and complete the ensemble with ankle boots. As long as you have a sturdy base layer on the inside, you can get away with wearing flowy skirts and T-shirts with short sleeves.

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