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Spring is around the corner and soon it’s time to ditch the warm jackets and Ugg’s and change them into lighter clothes. Dressing for spring can be tricky at times because of the temperature change throughout the day. It is still chilly in the morning and gets nice and warm during the day. Spring, like any other season, comes with its fashion trends, and every fashionista out there still wants to keep up with the trends. Luckily, you can do that by shopping online at stores that offer great quality for the correct price.

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This spring, there are some fashion pieces you must have in your wardrobe if you want to be on top of the fashion game. This article will provide you with a rundown of these items. How to find those pieces? Online shops like Baciano offer fashionable styles for a fair price.

Here are the must-have fashion items for spring:

Cropped boyfriend jeans: This is a must-have. Boyfriend jeans have been booming throughout a few seasons now. No wonder that one of the must-haves this spring is a cropped, summery version of this no-brainer. The cropped boyfriend jeans can be worn with a blazer and kitten heels for a day at work, or with a boho top and flat sandals for a shopping trip with the girls. You can get it plain, ripped, or with decals and embellishments.

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A crossover tank top: Ditch the boring T-shirt this spring by embracing this amazing top. It’s available in a variety of patterns and colors (if you’re not after something plain). Don’t have one yet? You can search for ladies spring tops on online women’s clothing stores. Pair your crossover top with a high-waist skirt, boyfriend jeans, or even palazzo pants, depending on your mood or the occasion.

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White Pants: This fashion item is dreaded by many because it gets stained easily and can be impossible to wash, but if you’re careful with it, you’ll love this piece for a long time. The great part about white pants is they are versatile and can be styled with a number of other items and worn to any occasion. Also, they can be paired with any color. Take a pair of white pants, a white tank top, a black suit, and a pair of black pumps, and you’re ready for work. Take a pair of white pants, a lace black top, and a statement necklace, and you’re ready for a night out on the town.

Statement denim: Boring jeans are a thing of the past. No matter what style of jeans you prefer, you can vamp it up by adding patches, embroidery, decals, embellishments, or even ripping it. If you want to do this by yourself to your already existing jeans, you can. You can also order readymade statement denim from your favorite online clothing store.

women wearing jeans with flower design on it

 Block heels with straps: Not only tops and bottoms made it on this list, as there are also must-have shoes for spring. Block heels with straps are a necessity for your spring fashion, as they can be easily paired with skirts and dresses, and can be worn to a number of events. These shoes are also very comfortable, so it’s a win on every side.

White sneakers: You can’t do without this fashion staple this spring. These shoes will give you the chance to step into spring in style. Who wouldn’t love that?

It’s time to go shopping and explore the new styles of the season. Whatever you wear, you will look gorgeous.