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Almost everyone want to express and show off his personality. You can also express your personal style and interests in a fantastic way by sewing patches on a jackets. You can simply beautify or enhance grace of your old jacket with exciting patches that will showcase your personal style. In this article, you will find complete guidelines and tips to sew patches on a jacket. So if you have any old jacket, adorn it with excited patches and breath new life into an old jacket.

Sewing a patch and its significance

In sewing a patch, a piece of fabric or material is used to cover or mend the damaged areas on garments such as jackets. They are also used to cover holes, rips or worn areas of jackets and for adorn a simple jacket. You can sew a patch of various sizes and fabric by stitching with the help of thread on to the target area.

Significance of sewing a patch

  • First and foremost sewing a patch is used to cover or mend the damaged areas of garments. Simply you can adorn an old jacket into new ones.
  • Sewing a patch help to use an old teared jacket for a longer time with an elegant look. So it help to reuse your old teared jacket with new life.
  • These patches enhance the grace of your old jacket. You can wear a teared old jacket with more elegant look.
  • If you use your creative skills to cover a damaged area by sewing a patch like embroidery, this will showcase your personal interests and also give a new look to your old jacket.

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Choosing the right patches for your jacket

Before sewing a patch on a jacket, choose the right and appropriate patch for your jacket. Here are a few tips to select or choose a right patch for your jacket:

Look for a patch style and design

There is a wide range available of patches in different styles and designs. You can explore different styles of patches by using internet services like on websites or by exploring your nearby stores that match with your personal style and personality. Confidently wear your jacket with mix and match different styles and sizes of patch for a graceful and elegant look.

Consider the size and positioning of patches

Before starting sewing a patch, consider the right position where you want to fix patch on your jacket and also consider the size of patches that you want to fix on your jacket. There is no rule for patching so select an appropriate right position to sew a patch on your jacket.

Pretreatment of jacket for sewing a patch

You need to follow the following pretreatment for sewing a patch in better way:

Dust and clean the jacket surface

Before starting sewing a patch, it is crucial to clean your jacket. For a proper cleaning, wash your jacket to remove any dirt or stains of oil. This will increase the patch’s capability to be fixed. If your jacket’s fabric is breakable, do hand wash or stained cleaning to keep your jacket in its original new look.

Detach any existing patches

If you want to replace or cover already existing patches from your jacket, carefully detach them from your jacket before sewing the new patches. Detach them gently with a small scissor, being careful to avoid any damage of the fabric of jacket.

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Strategies for sewing patches on different fabrics

Here are some useful tips to sew patch on different types of fabric:

For sewing patches on denim jackets

Denim needles and thread are best option to sew patches on denim jackets. Choose a thread color that compliment  your patch and sew the patch with a strong and thick needle so you can easily pierce through the fabric of denim jackets. To fix your patch properly, sew around edges of patches to create more durable patch.

For sewing patches on leather jackets

Sewing patches on a leather jacket is a little bit difficult task. For sewing patches on a leather jacket, use a strong specific needle and specific thread that are specifically designed for leather. Sew patches on leather carefully, you can also use fabric glue specifically designed for leather to fix your patches on leather jacket and then sew them easily.

For sewing patches on fabric jackets

Sewing patches on fabric jackets like those made of  polyester or cotton is much easy than sewing patches on leather and denim jackets. For sewing patches on fabric jackets, choose thread that match with your fabric color of your jacket and thread the needle. Start sewing by tie up a knot on inside of your jacket and then fix the patch by sewing around the edges of patches for adding durability.

Now with this basic knowledge change your old teared jacket into new ones with your creative skills. Sewing on patches is an interesting way, so choose your appropriate patches, use your creative skills and get ready to rock that jacket.

Guidelines for sewing patches on jackets

Sewing patches on jackets is a little bit difficult but interesting task. Here is a complete guidelines to sew patches on jackets with perfection in an interesting way.

Collect the required tools and materials

First of all, you need to collect all necessary or required material and tools for sewing patches on jackets. Here is the list of material that you will need to sew patches.

  • Patches
  • Teared jackets
  • Thread
  • Needles
  • Pins
  • Thimble (optional)

Positioning the patch on jack

This is an interesting part of sewing patches, choose the area where you want to place  patch on your jacket. This choice is up to you that weather you want to place patch like in center and front or on your sleeve or collar. After deciding the spot where you want to place patch, use some pins to fix the patch on position so you can easily sew patch.

Sew the patch with different stitching techniques

Now its time to adorn your old teared jacket into new look. Take your specific needle and thread, and get ready to stitch the patch. For a simple and classic look, use a simple running stitch that is stitching around the edges of patch to fix it properly. For a fancy and elegant look, use a blanket stitch. Ensure you are sewing around the edges of the patch to keep it fixed.

Tips for sewing patches like professionals

Here are some tips to improve your stitching skills and for sewing patches like professionals:

  • For a seamless result, use invisible or match color thread to sew patch on your jacket.
  • Check tension in thread consistently to prevent puckering or uneven stitching.
  • Sew your patch by using stitching techniques according to material of your patch.
  • For a fancy look, use some beads or embroidery around the patch.
  • Use heat-activated adhesives for a strong fixing the patch.


In conclusion, sewing a patch on jacket is an interesting way to showcase your creative skills. With a little bit effort you can rock your favorite old jacket with a new look. So grab your needle and thread, showcase your creative skills and enjoy the satisfaction of perfection in sewing the patch. Hopefully this article will help you to sew patch on jacket and provide answers to your all questions!