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Moto jackets are classic fashion staple that give a cool and excitable vibe. In addition to this moto jacket are staple piece that also elevate your wardrobe in a beautiful and versatile way. Moto jackets are also known as motorcycle, biker or racer jackets because these were originally designed for motorcycle riders but now these jackets are considered versatile piece that you can wear with any outfit. So you can style moto jackets in different ways according to your choice and event that you are going to attend in any season such as in Winter, Summer , Fall or spring. In this article, I’m going to share different ways to style moto jackets on various events.

Moto jackets

Moto jackets are excitable fitted jackets with waist length, vertical front zipper and snap collar made of leather, polyester or nylon that can be worn in any weather like summer, winter or Fall by styling in various ways. These jackets provide comfort and keep warm with a modern look. The moto jackets also have many zipped or flap pockets on front or inner-side.

History and importance of jackets

Originally in 1920s, moto jackets were made for motorcycle or bike riders to provide them comfort and protection from cold with a cool and modern look. But nowadays moto jackets are versatile and classic fashion staple that can be wear with any outfit and in any season like summer, spring, winter or fall.

Choose the right moto jacket for style

For a stylish and modern look it is necessary to choose the right moto jackets. Here are tips to choose the right one moto jackets:

Understanding various kinds of moto jackets

First of all, understand the best and proper kind of jacket according to weather and events on which you want to wear moto jackets to keep yourself warm and cozy with elegant and modern look. The classic leather moto jacket is a timeless fashion staple to wear in cold weather with any outfit. If you want to wear a light weighted jacket, choose moto jackets made of faux fur to keep yourself warm and cozy with a stylish look. For a casual look at your casual meetings, choose a denim moto jackets. So choose moto jackets according to your choice and personality.

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Choose the right size and fit

A well-fitted moto jackets is crucial to elevate your stylish look. Therefore before selecting a moto jackets, try it to choose right size and fit jacket. For determining the right size, make sure the shoulders of jackets are properly align your shoulders with enough space to layer it over shirts. The length of moto jacket should reach your hip bone.

Choosing the right material and color

The material of moto jacket play very important role in styling and durability. In markets, moto jackets are available in various colors and materials so for a classic or casual look it is necessary to choose color of moto jacket that compliment with your wardrobe or outfit. For a casual and classic look leather moto jackets is timeless option to wear with any outfit. If you want a chic look, choose a jacket made of faux fur. The neutral color moto jackets like brown are best for classic look that you can wear on any outfit. But you can also try bold colored moto jackets like red for a modern and elegant look.

Ways to style moto jackets

You can style moto jackets in various ways to keep yourself warm and comfort with a modern and cool vibe over any outfit in any season. Here are some ways to style a moto jackets:

Wear a moto jacket with jeans

The best way to style a moto jacket is to wear it with jeans. This combination is best to wear at any occasion like casual meetings of your office, night out with friends or everyday look to keep yourself warm and cozy with a comfortable outfit. Choose a proper fitted black leather moto jacket over a white or black t-shirt and pair it with your favorite jeans. For a complete look, wear a pair of ankle boots or sneakers to look more stylish and elegant. From accessories wear sunglasses in a sunny day or a beautiful and delicate necklace and hold a leather handbag.

Styling a moto jacket with skirt or dresses

For a chic look, style a moto jacket with your favorite skirt or dress. Choose a draping maxi dress to wear with a moto jacket for a beautiful look or you can also choose a moto jacket over a  proper fitted skirt and tucked in blouse for a more stylish and polished look. This contrast of moto jacket with skirt or dress give a perfect balanced look that make you confident in your events and sure you  will look more attractive among all others. With this outfit wear a black high heels or knee high boots and from accessories choose beautiful earrings and stylish pouch for a final attractive look. You can go with this outfit style at your night parties, night hangout with fully confident look.

Styling a moto jacket with trousers

Don’t think you can wear moto jacket with only jeans and skirt. You can also style moto jacket with trousers. For a chic look , wear a moto jacket with tailored pants and button down shirt. For a sophisticated cool look, wear heels or loafers with this outfit. You can style this outfit at your weekends or when you go to market for grocery shopping.

Styling a moto jacket for a casual look

Here are some ideas to style a moto jacket for casual events with a casual look:

Casual street look with a moto jacket

For a casual and cool look wear a white t-shirt under the moto jacket. For bottom choose a skinny jeans and sneakers with this outfit. For a final street style look, wear a basketball cap and you can go with this outfit style for a coffee with your friends.

Styling a moto jacket with sportswear outfit

Sport lovers can definitely rock a moto jacket with sportswear outfit. Choose a moto jacket over a cropped hoodie or a sport bra and pair it with some high waisted legging or joggers. For a final complete look, wear sneakers with this outfit style. You can go with this outfit at your gym or any sports event with an attractive and comfortable look.

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Styling a moto jacket for formal events

Moto jackets are fashion staple that you can wear at any event for a casual, excitable and even for a formal look. Here are some of the outfit style of moto jacket for a formal look.

Styling a moto jacket with evening dresses

For a chic look, choose a leather moto jacket of neutral colored like black or navy with evening dresses. Moto jackets with solid colored evening dresses give an elegant and attractive look. With this wear ankle high boots or black high heels and a beautiful, simple necklace for a more attractive look.

Moto jacket for an office look.

For an office look or on your job interview, choose a moto jacket and pair it with a tailored pants or skirts. For a complete office look choose moto jacket and tailored pants of neutral colors and wear ankle boots or sneakers with this to look classic and modern.

Tips to style moto jackets

Here are the best tips to style moto jackets for an attractive and classic look.

Choose appropriate footwear

You can style moto jackets with a wide range of footwear. For a casual and classic look wear a pair of ankle boots that give a cool vibe with moto jackets perfectly. For an attractive look, wear heels or sandals with moto jackets that will give an elegant vibe and for a comfortable look wear a pair of loafers or flats shoes.

Accessories with moto jackets

For an extraordinary look with ordinary outfit, choose appropriate accessories like jewelry, scarves and hats or caps with moto jackets.

  • From jewelry wear a simple and delicate necklace or bold earrings with moto jackets. Keep remember, for a classic and elegant look wear minimal jewelry that avoid overwhelming look.
  • For a cozy and comfortable look, scarves or shawl with moto jackets is best outfit combo. They will keep you warm, cozy and also give an elegant look.
  • For an office or casual meetings, you can also a leather handbag or stylish pouch with moto jackets.

Wear accessories like jewelry, scarves, handbag and sunglasses that compatible with your moto jackets and outfit style.


Moto jackets are versatile piece of fashion that you can style up with any outfit for a different looks like casual, classic or formal. For an attractive and elegant look, choose moto jacket’s color, material and accessories with great care. Hope this article will help you to style a moto jacket in a versatile look.