women's sweater

It is recommended that you wash your sweater by hand as a general rule of thumb (the alternative is a visit to a well-reputed dry-cleaner). Even though the concept may seem frightening at first, it will be straightforward if you follow these basic instructions.


  1. Put the sweater in a basin of water that is at least 30 degrees Celsius/86 degrees Fahrenheit and add a little amount of mild detergent, such as Woolite or baby shampoo. Allow anything from a half hour to a whole night for the sweater to soak in the solution.

  1. In order to keep your sweater in shape, you should gently rinse it after each use. Remember that wool is heavy when wet, so you don't want to pull or shake it about. Some stains from your garments, such as those on the cuffs and collar, as well as a little area that occurred by mistake, may be removed using a stain-removing soap.

  1. After running your sweater through the water a few times to get rid of any lingering suds, you may press and towel-roll it (the blocking technique). There are two options for doing this: Fold or wrap the drenched clothes into a form that can be squeezed, then place it inside a towel and roll it up. This is known as the squeeze method.

  1. At this stage, the wet garments will still be too heavy to put up on a hanger. Instead, they will need to be spread out on a clothes rack and molded to their original dimensions. Because the wet wool will move a lot, don't be scared to pull on it where some sleeves or the length of the body seems to be too short.


In order to dry a wool sweater fast, it's preferable to arrange the clothes rack in an area with plenty of air movement and a source of ambient (rather than direct) heat.

women's sweater

Make every effort to reshape the sweater while it is still a bit damp if at all possible. There are times when the sweater is exactly the ideal size to allow the wool panels to expand back to their normal size without being too tight on the shoulders.


It is possible to clean certain areas without having to clean the whole item. Using water to saturate the area that needs to be cleaned, gently massage some mild soap into the stain to remove it. After that, rinse the area under the tap to remove any remaining soap.

women's sweater

Odor-removal properties of wool clothing are equal to those of cotton clothing when it comes to eliminating odors. In only a few hours, if you hang your sweater in a room with plenty of fresh air flowing through it, it will look like new again.

Especially if your sweater is subjected to a lot of wear from purses and other layers of clothing, dealing with balls of fluff may be a real headache. However, you are no longer required to deal with it. When you're sitting in front of the television, you may arrange every piece of knitwear on your lap.