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Let’s talk about Instagram businesses that are booming at the moment. Which brand better to talk about than Fashion Nova.

Founder, CEO, CMO and CFO Richard Saghian opened his first retail store in 2006 based in LA. He wanted to follow his father's footsteps, who owned women's clothing retail stores as well. Little did he know, his store would become such a success story.

After 7 years in business, Saghian decided to open an online shop so he went ahead and open an Instagram account where he uploaded pictures of the clothes he was selling, worn by models.

He planned on using the IG profile as an introduction to the online store. Before the store even launched, the brand had gained 60,000 Followers and got tagged and reposted constantly. All the social media success lead to the online store being sold out after a week of the launch. From there on, it went straight up for Fashion Nova.

Selling clothes for women with curves that don’t fit in tiny little jeans made for broomsticks, turned out to be the founder's secret potion. Many famous, curvy women like Cardi B or Kylie Jenner advertise the brand on Instagram and look amazing. Of course, they are paid to do so but no one is judging.

If people that wear luxury brands all the time promote a brand like this, we are trusting! And so are millions of followers and customers. Saghians vision for Fashion Nova was to sell fashion that fits not only around your hips but also into your budget.

The majority of offered styles on the website is priced below $50. Just some rare, rather special pieces are slightly more pricey. On top of that, there are around 600 new styles released every week! That’s why the brand has models hanging out in their halls all week. Another factor that leads this brand to success.

I mean not the models, but the price and the selection.
Now to the facts. Fashion Nova has grown about 600% percent in 2017. This leaves the owner SEO, SMO, and CFO (Saghian) understaffed. Even though his main concern is not profit margins, he says he wants to keep Fashion Nova growing. Recently, the creative team came up with a new, more sophisticated logo that indicates how serious Saghian is and how Fashion Nova develops into a sophisticated business.

All these changes are happening of course without losing touch with their target audience. Now back to the issue of not having enough employees. Currently, there are around 20 job openings reaching from buyer to accounting at Fashion Nova. Many of the employees at Fashion Nova are college graduates in their first steps.

They are given the chance to grow with a promising, privately owned company. We at Baciano support that. Giving young, thriving people a chance to grow with you is admirable and if we can say, very smart. Fresh ideas and a fresh breeze in a company is always an enrichment.

By the way, did you know that if you order before 1pm, Fashion Nova makes sure you will get your order the next day? The only criteria is that the shipping address must be within 40 miles of the Downtown LA warehouse. If so, look out for that delivery bringing you your outfit for Saturday night. How amazing is that?? Dreams do come true.

My last words here, go follow Fashion Nova’s Instagram and get ready to be sucked in! Also, follow us on Instagram for things on the more cozy side. IG @Bacianodesign.

Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova

Fashion Nova

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