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Hey, Everyone!

It’s officially time for me to break out my chunky cardigans for fall. The temperatures in Atlanta have been going from hot to cold for weeks. All of that has finally ended. The end result is rain and cold weather. I can’t even say that I’m enjoying it. The rain makes it almost unbearable. Having a cute fall wardrobe is a big help though. Chunky cardigans are a great way to avoid wearing bulky coats and jackets. Depending on the fabric they can even be as warm as a coat, if not warmer. It’s also super easy to dress them up or down!

Baciano has a variety of trendy cardigans, both long and short. Today, I’m wearing the Alaina cardigan. What I like the most about this cardigan is the tribal print and midi-length. There aren’t any buttons, but you really don’t need them. Thanks to the draped collar, all you have to do is tuck one side in to keep it closed. I could easily see myself adding a layer or two which would provide even more warmth. I decided to keep styling simple today by pairing the cardigan with my favorite pair of jeans and cami. Instead of wearing boots, I decided on a pair of heels

Baciano has quite a few cardigans that I would love to get my hands on. The prints are much more unique than anything else I’m used to seeing online or in stores. I can’t wait to style the Alaina cardigan in a different look!

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