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28 Feb 2018

Joanna Faith Williams is a 20-something Instagram influencer with a passion for sharing fashion inspiration and beauty tips to her loyal audience. Her Instagram and blog focuses on fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and her all-time favorite food: the cheeseburger.

At her beloved university, Joanna studies marketing & business management with aspirations of working in digital strategy in the luxury fashion or travel industry in Manhattan, NYC. Her average day includes participating in a variety of clubs and organizations on campus and engaging in lively discussion in her courses. On her off-hours, she can be found shopping downtown, volunteering at a local non-profit restaurant, or engaging with fans on Instagram.

Her website started as an idea many years ago, but took time to come to fruition. After developing her expertise in web design and writing, Joanna created her blog to share her ideas and inspiration to other young women like herself. Her audience is full of high-achieving women that never settle and are always working toward something better, while remaining thankful for what comes their way in the present.

For brands interested in a collaboration or sponsorship, please request a media kit by contacting her at

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