How often wash sweaters

In general, clothing items that come into direct contact with your skin, such as socks and underwear, as well as garments subjected to intense sweating like workout clothes, should be washed after each wear. The skin serves as an excretory organ, producing approximately 40 grams of oil and 1 liter of sweat, primarily a mixture of salt and water, on average (although these quantities can vary significantly).

However, when it comes to sweaters, a different rule applies. Since sweaters are typically worn over other shirts, they do not come into direct contact with the skin. This extra layer of clothing, like a shirt, acts as a barrier that shields the sweater from dirt, oil, and sweat. Consequently, sweaters tend to stay relatively clean after a single use. Washing your sweater too frequently can lead to issues like loss of softness or shrinkage, potentially affecting its longevity. As a general guideline, sweaters typically only need to be washed every 2-5 wears.

Nevertheless, there may be exceptions where a sweater should be washed even if it hasn't touched your skin directly. This could be due to exposure to external elements like dust, dirt, or accidental spills of food or beverages such as coffee or tea.

Remember that these are general guidelines, and specific care instructions for your sweaters may vary based on the fabric and manufacturer's recommendations. Always check the care label on your clothing for the best practices in maintaining their quality and longevity.

Wash Thick Sweaters After Three to Five Wears

Thicker sweaters have more layers than thin layers, so they also take longer to get dirty. Therefore, wash thicker sweaters after three to five years. This will keep your sweater in better condition and not deteriorate the shape of your sweater.

Thin Sweaters Best Time to Wash:

As thin sweaters have fewer layers of fiber, they get dirty easily and must be washed after every wear. They also require great care during washing if you want them in better condition for a long time.


How often wash sweaters

Tips to maintain the durability of your sweaters:

Hand-wash procedure

1. Sometimes, our sweaters have Tea, coffee or food stains that must be removed before hand washing. For cleaning such stains from sweaters, use a better stain remover. Take stain remover in small amounts and put on stains smoothly, and don't use a brush for scrubbing on stains because it will damage the wool fabric of sweaters and can also deteriorate the shape of sweaters.

2. after removing stains from sweaters, fill a plastic tub or clean the sink with cold water. Never use hot water for washing sweaters, as it damages the wool fabric. Water is also conserved by taking water in a plastic tub or clean sink instead of directly using tap water as we require it once.

3. Add a small amount of good detergent to the water tub and mix it well. After mixing detergent in water, soak the sweater until you feel the dirt is removed. Don't use a large amount of detergent because it will not be easy to remove detergent residue from a sweater, and it will give a dry appearance.

4. Wear gloves and squeeze the sweater in detergent water smoothly to make sure that the sweater is completely soaked in detergent water.

After soaking for 5- 10 minutes, rinse the sweater until it is detergent-free. The water will take almost 2 to 3 rinses to clear or clean.

5. Remove the water from the sweater by squeezing it smoothly and let it dry.

Machine Wash

It is important to read care labels before washing. Otherwise, you may end up with a ruined sweater. Before washing sweaters in a machine, it is required to treat stains of different substances( Food stuff, oil, Tea, Coffee) with a stain remover. 

Follow the following steps to wash sweaters in the washing Machine:

1. Place your sweaters in separate mesh laundry bags. This prevents pilling and snagging in the washer.

2. As warm water causes natural fibres and even some synthetics to fray, hot water causes materials like wool and cashmere to shrink. So use cold water for washing your sweaters to keep them in better condition for longer.

3. Use a better wash cycle suitable for your sweaters, such as the Hand-Wash Cycle. Now begin the cycle, and let the basin fill with water before putting in your sweater. Add the detergent and then begin the wash cycle.

4. Do not select spin. Skip that part of the wash.

5. When washing is complete, gently pick up the sweater and squeeze it smoothly. Just squeeze out some water before transferring the sweater to a towel. Lay it flat. Roll the clothing up with the towel. Squeeze again.

6. After removing extra water from your sweater, let it air dry for 24 hours.

A good sweater can last for years and years—with proper care. By limiting washes, you'll extend their life, but they still need a cleaning every few wears. Follow the care label, avoid heat as much as possible, and your sweaters will last for many winters.


Let's discuss frequently asked questions which may arise in your mind, too. 

Can you put sweaters in the dryer?

Putting a sweater made of wool or material like fur is never recommended by our experts. There is a reason for this: fur and materials like these can be damaged by dryer heat or shrink our sweaters, completely damaging their beauty. 

How can you treat stains on your sweaters?

Treat stains on your sweaters. First, you must wash them with water and try to flush them out. But if it does not work, you have to apply vinegar and wait for 3-5 minutes until it goes deep inside the stains and remove it from your sweater. 

Can you machine-wash wool sweaters?

If you wash wool sweaters in a machine, you should be careful because wool can't wash above 40C temperature. Another thing you need to keep in mind is to check your detergent label to see if it is safe for wool sweaters. 

You can also set the machine temperature to the coldest one to do so; in this way, your wool sweaters will be protected from any damage due to heat. 


In this article, we have covered how often you can wash your sweaters. By reading this article, you can wash your sweaters carefully and also understand how you can increase the durability or life of your sweaters. 

If you follow proper instructions and care whether detergents are safer for wool sweaters, this will likely increase sweaters' life. We have also discussed some points related to washing sweaters, like whether you can put your sweaters in the dryer, etc.