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A wardrobe can be an expensive investment. Here are some tips to make your garments last longer and look new.


Clothes worn once or twice do not usually have to be washed immediately. Check for stains, scents, tears or other items that suggest that the dirty clothes hamper should go to them.

Hang your clothes up to wear again if there are no issues and they look new. Washing wears fabrics out sooner. Your clothes lose slightly color and appear old. High-quality hangers that don't dent your clothes as they hang for longer are necessary to use.

Dents can open stitches and destroy your favorite piece. Sweaters and t-shirts should be folded and stored in your closet.

Laundry instructions

Following the label's cleaning directions helps prevent damage when the clothing is cleaned. You have the potion to carry it to a dry cleaning place if you don't want to wash your clothes as told by hand. In fact, it is important to carry all clothes that appear sensitive and are made of silk, wool or other delicate materials to a dry cleaner.

Treat spots and stains before putting the garment in the machine. To stop not getting them out again, stains should be handled as soon as possible. It is also very important, before washing, to separate your laundry. Whites, colors, cold wash items, delicate fabrics. Via injuries, shrinking clothes and delicate garments rubbing against harsh clothes, you stop colouring whites.



Again, it is important to read the instructions on the label. Some fabrics should be hot-ironed, and some should not. The proper setting can avoid burning your garment. Those fabrics should be treated with much care. A press cloth gives extra protection.

Treating them right can add many more years to the lifetime of your garments. If you are unsure how to clean and treat a piece, we recommend bringing it to the dry cleaner to avoid damage.

How to take care of clothing properly. what is the best way of tacking care of clothes?