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Sweaters from Baciano, Craghoppers, and United By Blue

Sweaters are a perennial favorite in our family, and this holiday season is no exception. The Huntington Cardigan from Baciano looks European, but comes from L.A. designers. This fashion-forward update on the classic cardigan features a red, black, and beige chevron pattern, with fringe falling at the knee. It’s stylish enough for a night out on the town, but comfy enough for a night in.

The Erica Cardigan from Craghoppers offers a more casual style. The knit-look fleece is made from a wash-and-wear acrylic and wool blend. The relaxed fit and long cut make this cardigan ultra-cozy, perfect for a cold winter night of hot cocoa on the couch. And of course we love that it comes in Dark Moss (a.k.a. green)!

We love the Bray Fisherman Sweater from United By Blue for many reasons. The first is that its style reminds us of our recent trip to Ireland/Scotland. The second is that it comes in Brick Red, which makes it perfect for holiday gatherings. The most important is that it’s made from biodegradable Merino wool, and UBB removed one pound of ocean trash for every product sold.

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