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Claudia @ claudia_romani

My name is Claudia Romani , I m an Italian model and TV personality ! 

I was discovered in Denmark by FHM magazine , while living there and studying Multimedia Design . 

I have after that moved to London , UK till 2009 when I took a vacation to Miami Beach and fell in love with it , got a Green Card based on Extraordinary Abilities and never moved away since . 

Credits include FHM, Maxim , Playboy , Toyota , Aston Martin , Dolce and Gabbana and so many more ! 

I have also worked on the Latin TV for several shows and two years ago was casted for the biggest Reality show in France , Secret Story by Endemol. 

I m an ambassador for curves and a natural body . 

I have been a vegetarian all my life and fight for animal rights . 

I speak 5 languages and I think the sky is the limit !!!


IG: @claudia_romani

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