wholesale clothing stores in los angeles

Are you looking to start a good clothing store in the US? Have you designed a good clothing business plan? Have you come up with a really good investment plan to become one of the most sought-after wholesale clothing distributors in Los Angeles?

Don't stop there, though! Take a look around to see which distributors have the best prices and items in the Los Angeles market. We've compiled a list of high-end wholesale clothing distributors in Los Angeles, one of the most fashionable cities in the world.

Our list includes businesses that provide fashionable apparel at affordable rates while still ensuring prompt and effective delivery. After all, your boutique's dresses, clothing, and apparel can only be as good as your distributor!

Best Clothing Distributors


2. Boulevard Apparel

3. The Boutique Hub

4. Cielo Clothing

5. LA Fashion District

6. Fashion Go


  1. JNNA- This is the fastest growing wholesale clothing store in Los Angeles, USA. This store has a wide variety of women's clothing styles of tops, dresses, bottoms, sweaters and outwears. You can get all clothing styles for women if you plan to open a women clothing store.
  2. Boulevard Apparel- This is another wholesale clothing store in Los Angeles. Jackets, vests, sportswear, hoodies, jeans, and other outerwear and outdoor clothes are their specialty. They sell clothing for women, men, and children of all ages. Boulevard Apparel, provides some exciting offers to their customers. They deliver extremely low prices to their customers in order to encourage them to purchase as much clothing as they want. Customers who buy large quantities of clothing at low prices in order to resell them at a profit. They offer clearance rates for both branded and non-branded brands. They have high-quality brand names as well as generic merchandise at 40-80% off.

    1. The Boutique Hub- This is the largest boutique industry community in Los Angeles, uniting boutique retailers, eCommerce retailers, wholesale brands, product manufacturers, and industry services and professionals. The Hub connects boutiques on a regular basis and provides strategy, training, wholesale shopping, live events, and a voice for the sector.You will get all types of clothings here for women.Through their wholesale platform and Facebook groups, you may find vetted and trustworthy wholesale brands that specialise in the boutique market. Get first access to new arrivals, exclusive offers, and unique market experiences which are reserved only for their members.
    2. Cielo Clothing- This store mission is to design classic and stylish sweaters and jeans with a focus on fit, timeless products, and inspiration to make a woman look and feel great in her jeans.Cielo has created a winning mixture of trends, comfort, and sexiness in denim with this objective. Today, cielo remains an industry leader in the cotton wear sector.


  1. LA Fashion District- This wholesale is the epicentre of the apparel industry on the west coast. The Fashion District is a creative hotspot that is continually buzzing, with over 2,000 wholesale firms. You can explore its list of physical stores in the LA Fashion District and then go check their samples. Before you can buy anything online, you must become a member first.
  2. Fashion Go- This store is the Los Angeles leading B2B fashion wholesale e-commerce site, bringing together the fashion industry to purchase and sell the newest fashion trends in one place. FashionGo is the top global network for consumers and sellers to uncover new opportunities. They empower the industry to shop smarter, sell more, and expand faster by providing powerful tools, insightful data, and best-in-class service.
  3. BACIANO- This store is based in the center of Los Angeles, California, is a wholesaler and manufacturer dedicated to giving you the finest in women's fashion–the amazing style selection and  quality. They are focusing on creating the best fashions at a high quality at competitive costs because they have their own in-house design and production teams.

You now have a reliable list of wholesale clothes distributors in Los Angeles with whom you can start your business. To be honest, wholesale clothes in Los Angeles has never been easier thanks to these distributors.

Finding a reliable wholesale distributor is a difficult task. We can't tell which one is the greatest just by looking at their clothing and offerings. We must also examine how they deliver services. Before making a purchase, we should also examine their refund policies.

After all, you'll be purchasing in quantity, so you deserve to be treated well. Take your time, look at their websites, and read reviews. The last thing you want is to buy wholesale clothing just to discover that the quality isn't what you expected.