How women's clothing sizes have changed over years?

It may quite seem unnatural, but it is the truth and proved also. The size of women’s is actually changed between years. If you compare a 12 dress size in 1958, and today’s 12 sizes, you can see that it is much bigger than the 1958’s. 

It has been told and shown in a news report that over 50 years if you look at the women cloth size, it changes drastically. 

A writer from new york city showed in a graph, where it is perfectly understandable that how drastically the size is changed. He makes the graph in two women body part size, the bust and the waist. 

women clothing

In that graph, it is clearly shown that a waist size 12 (that is 26inch) or size 20 (that is 28 inch) waist size in 1958, became 32 inches and 40-inch sizes respectively in the year of 2011. On the other hand, for the bust size, a size 12, 34 inches (in 1958) become the size near 38inch. And a 16 size, 36 inches became 42 inches in 2011. 

She created this graph by collecting data from two important sources. One is the American Society of Testing and Materials and another is the National Institute of Standards and Technology. 

Maybe you know that yes, women clothing size changes day by day. But no one will accept it 100% when they did not see a proper result of it in her own eyes. That’s why you should look over the graph to believe it.

Some think that the reason behind this cloth size change is that the women bodyweight is changed over years depending on their ages. Women with 140lbs in the 1960s would overweight as 166.2lbs at the same age in the year 2010. 

As the women are getting bigger day by day so that the size is also needed to be changed day by day. That’s why you find a size 12 in 1958 and today’s size 12 is very different from each other. Besides the overweight, vanity size is also a matter/reason for the changes. 

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Vanity size is a size that uses a lower number of garments, to feel the women’s bigger waist to fit like smaller. And it is very common, as manufacturing a cloth with a small size, give it more buyers. It has been researched that a woman who sees that she fit in a small size than his weight, he loves to buy it. It is the reason that vanity size becoming more valuable day by day. 

Women overweight may be one of the reasons for the changes in women’s clothing size. But if you give a deep thought on the matter, then the main cause may be this vanity size, which sellers customized to gain more money.  

So, before reading it, if you are in a confusion that ‘is it really the women size changed? Or it is just a myth’ Then I hope you may now be clear about the doubt.