Responsible Fibers

Our most popular fabrics and threads are produced with specific materials without the use of virgin raw materials.


Forests is home to 80% of all land based species and with the inevitable climate change, these forests are slowly deteriorating. At this point we can only slow down the process by recycling materials that is readily available. We are actively part of the "slow down process" by choosing specific types of wood to be used to produce fabrics. According to data from our suppliers, the majority of our fabrics comes from responsibly managed forests. To verify this, we ask that our suppliers to confirm that their wood is legally harvested and does not come from ancient and endangered forests.

Recycling Fabrics Is Another Method To Help In The Inevitable Climate Change.

At Baciano, we contribute by reusing fabrics and threads while preserving quality of our products. This has been a steady campaign that has been going on since the company started more than 5 years ago. We encourage the companies that we work with to reuse fabrics to lessen the use of wood. Based on our research, this method has lessen the production of fabric with the use of wood by 5-10% and we intend to keep this method for as long as the company stands. 


Not only do we focus on creating the best looking designs each season, but we focus on our planet's well being, as well...