Exchange Program

Baciano online exchange program.


For decades, Baciano has endowed women, boutiques, stylists and other brands with pieces of our collections. Our clothes have appeared in TV shows, commercials and editorials. We love working with artists and designers as well as other creative minds. Now, we are proud to present the Baciano Exchange Program.

To qualified bloggers, stylists and brands, we will offer a 40% discount on our styles.

We are aware that you won’t often need a large number of pieces. That is why we set the minimum for a purchase to 2 pieces. We are looking forward to welcoming you as a member of our program.


Click HERE to apply.


What happens after? We have been in this business for a long time and know, that with every season and every new collection, trends change and pieces go out of style. To not leave you with old, unusable styles, we offer to take those items back. All returned items will be donated to local homeless shelters and other facilities.



Team Baciano