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June 22, 2018

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June 22, 2018

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Kelly @

In 2012 when Kelly started blogging, she became a highly sought after Brand Ambassador. In a very short amount of time, her blog, titled “Kelly’s Thoughts on Things,” grew in popularity due to her honest and detailed reviews and in-demand giveaways. As such, Kelly has accumulated tens of thousands of followers between her blog and social media accounts.

While Kelly blogs about everyday things, her forte is product reviews, a passion that derives from her love of saving money. She finds great satisfaction in reviewing products because she knows doing so helps her readers make better buying decisions. She regularly shares tips and information on a broad range of topics, including fashion, beauty, travel, health, and autism. In this role, she is highly active in social media by Facebook posting and Tweeting the blog posts she writes on a daily basis.

Kelly is inspired by her role as a mother and a wife. She became an advocate for Autism after the birth of her now adult son, Devon, who is Autistic. She loves to cook and bake, which results in trying new recipes on her friends and family. New Jersey natives, Kelly, husband Ronnie, son Devon, daughter Amanda, and their Seven dogs and six cats have since relocated to South Carolina where she is also a caregiver for her young niece and nephew.

Instagram: @ronnkelly3

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