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Where to find perfect fitting winter outfits

16 Jul 2021

Winter is coming! It is a call for you to look chic and yet keep warm. Winters can be tough with the snowfall cold but keeping your style game up is not! Why? Because you have us at your rescue. We are here to tell you how to beat up the harsh cold and still look smart being layered up perfectly.

Although bringing a legion of challenges, winter is the most beloved and cherished season of all. The solution to these potential questions is to make a few trivial updates to your closet. So, cozy up with a shot of hot chocolate, swing away from the winter doldrums, and hop onto your shopping carts!


Perfect fitting winter outfits and where to find them


Below listed are the top trendy picks all set to bump in your winter wardrobe – What are you waiting for? Let’s get started!


The Chic Puffer Coat

 chic puffer jacket

Extra warm and extra cozy, puffer jackets have come a long way to become a winter trend. Moreover, styling them is easy and it never gets out of style. You can wear a casual winter outfit and pair it with the chic puffer coat to embark on a style statement.

Get it here or explore  Free People


The Cushy Sweater Dress

 cushy sweater dress

You guessed it right! You can wear a dress in winter too! A knitted sweater dress comes to the rescue when you want to go stylish even in the dead of the winter. The woven keeps you warm all along. You can also pair it with a cardigan or long blazer jacket to look classy.

Shop for it at - Nasty Gal


The Chunky Cardigan

 chunky cardigan

Winters without a cardigan? Are you kidding me? Cardigans are the best comfy piece of outfit that every girl wants in the winter. But hey, styling it is easy and fun! Cardigan is a dazzling and versatile outfit that must belong to every wardrobe! This integral friend of winter goes hand in hand with any sort of attire - from street to formals. Pair it with casual jeans and a t-shirt outfit to rock the look.

Shop it from - Baciano


The Super Snug Tights 

 Super Snug Tights

Tights tend to occupy an essential share of every woman's winter repository. Thick or sheer, tights help keep the legs warm during the harsh winters. It is one of the most comfortable outfits for the winter, which gives you a chic look while keeping you warm.

Shop for it at - Planet Blue


The Trendy Turtlenecks 

 Trendy Turtlenecks

A fashion essential and a winter protector, a turtleneck serves both purposes. Generally used as an under layer, turtlenecks are the underpinning items for all the winter attires - be it work or weekend.

Shop for it at - J Crew


Accessories to style your winter wear and where to find them

Are your outfits looking plain- Jane? Do you want to add a little fling to it? Accessories play a major part in your outfits and can make them look a hero! No matter the occasion, flaunt your adorable winter outfits along with some fashionable accessories that supplement dramatic flair to your winter chest.

Beanies and scarves serve to be the best add-ons to your winter attire. These two accessories won’t look over the top.


The Bewitching Beanie

Do not disparage beanies! Not only for the chilling weather, but they also prove to be saviors for the hair as well. Comfortable and stylish, beanies always help add nonchalance to your look. They prove to be your best friend when you don’t want to shampoo your hair.

Get it from - Intermix


The Voguish Scarf


Knotted or loose, scarves are known to add a perfect amount of elegance to your winter attire. Moreover, they keep you warm and cozy. Scarfs act as a layering accessory. Make sure that you use a scarf that is suitable for the color of your attire. Where to find the best scarves? Well, follow the link below!


Get it from - Nordstrom Topanga


Winter outfits serve to be considerably subdued in tone. Neutrals, such as grey/ brown/ black, tend to hold sway, along with some jewel tones supplemented in for pops of color. Mix and match your outfits for a stylish yet subtle look. Winter’s daytime outfits require a subtle tone. Keep the dazzle for nights. Wear colors like red, silver, chocolate, etc. at night. It’s time to put your stylish best foot forward!

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