woman wearing a beige coat, gray cowlneck sweater and black pants

Bio: My name is Valerie, I'm from Germany Image result and 24 years old! I don't really know what to say about myself so I just start with what I like! As you can see in the background I do like chips, except BBQ flavor Thinking Face on Apple iOS 10.2 I also would die for mango ice cream! 😍 I love what I do for a living - which is why I am doing it in my free time as well! Social media!

I take everything I'm doing very serious although LA definitely turned me a little into a hippie✌️️ at least mentally!


Last but not least I really wish Unicorn Face on Apple iOS 10.2sΒ were real!!Β 

Cheers 🍸

Β IG: @Valilliia_bi