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The Right Hat for your Face Shape

13 Nov 2017

We all know the feeling of trying 100 hats and none looks decent. It’s so frustrating. That usually happens when a new hat trend pops up and everybody follows it. Of course, you want to wear a hat like this too. But if it’s not for you it’s just not for you. Wouldn’t it be better to wear a hat that looks great on you but isn’t the newest trend, instead of wearing something super unflattering?

the right hat for the right head shape. what hat should i wear with


Here are some general guidelines on how to find the perfect hat shape for you.

Generally, the first rule is a small face small hat and vice versa. Now that we’ve established that, here come a few more specific rules. A good thing to keep in mind here is, opposites attract each other.

Best hat shape for an oval or oblong face

As we said, opposites attract. If you have an oval long face, it is best to wear a flat, wider hat that balances your narrow face. If you wear a high hat, your face will appear even longer. A Beret or flat cap would be a great choice.

Best hat shape for a round face

To balance out your round face, a square that would be the best choice for you. A fedora or porkpie hat is suggested. If you choose a round hat shape, it will only underline your face shape.


Best hat shape for square face

Again, the opposite!! For a square face, we recommend going for a rounder shape of hats like a Bowler hat or a Newsboy cap. It will let your features appear softer.

Best hat shape for heart or diamond shaped face

If you have heart-shaped face, well then you are lucky. You can wear almost every hat shape. So go out there and shine. If you prefer to cover up a wide forehead, choose a bucket hat because of its straight form. It will set your chin in focus and distract from your forehead.

After all this input, let us just say that no matter what hat you decide for, you’ll look gorgeous.

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