White dress shirt hanging on to a gold rack
Who has no experience of the struggle not to find something to wear? Right, all of us do! All you have in your wardrobe is unexciting, and so many times you've worn it all. Why not try using the same piece in a different style than usual?
Here is some inspiration for how simple it is to style the same piece in four ways that are totally different.


woman wearing a white shirt, shorts and sneakers

Going nineties in jean shorts with a high waist, converse and cropped top.


woman wearing a white shirt and cropped pants

High heels and office trousers are classic. To achieve a flowing look, don't close the blouse all the way.

Works for official events or as an easy look at the workplace.


woman wearing a white shirt, leather bag and flipflops

In plateau sandals and embroidered body cross bag, casual, but chick. This look matches the light summer days well.


woman sitting on a stool wearing a white shirt and long boots


For a little extra touch for a girls' night out, style it with over knee boots.