woman wearing a lace top white carrying a white fur jacket


I'm Kimya, Persian but live in Brighton, England

I'm 17 and currently studying for my A levels hoping to shoot off to uni in London next year!

I'm obsessed with travelling and visiting new places, experiencing new things and trying new food - oh yeh I'm obsessed with food!!

I love taking photos, I'm quite creative and enjoy Art, Drama, music, singing and dance

I lovee discovering new fashion and creating new styles as well as adding new shoes to my collection and Baciano definitely fits my style!

I can't describe my style because It changes to fit my mood - I love cozy clothing to lounge in but spice it up with a trendy bag and shoes or when I go out I GO ALL OUT. 

I aspire to keep travelling, keep capturing the special moments in life and share the memories and love

Hugs and kisses, Kim XO


Instagram: @_kimbum_