blue sweater over a shirt

In winter wardrobe, sweaters are good to use as they keep you warm and cozy. There are various sweaters with different designs and material. For example in materials, sweaters  are ,made of wool, cashmere and cotton etc. and in design sweaters with different styles include cardigan , crew neck, V- neck and turtleneck sweaters etc.

The sweaters can be layered over a dress shirt in various style. The pairing of sweater with dress shirt give a stylish look and also keep you warm and cozy in colder weather. To explore various styles and ways to wear a sweater over a dress shirt, read this article carefully.

Think about the followings before matching

Before matching or wearing a dress shirt with sweater , must think or give attention to some things like shirt fitness, fabric of shirt etc.

Size of shirt

The main thing to consider before wearing a dress shirt with a sweater is the size or fitness of dress shirt. Check out the shirt that is it properly fit to you because the wearing of sweater over a dress shirt then the shirt will bunch badly under the sweater and will create many lumps. Therefore the size of shirt is important to consider otherwise it will make you uncomfortable and unpleasant the whole day.

Whereas a fully fitted shirt is best to choose for a comfortable wearing and it will not give a lumpy look.

Fabric or material of shirt

The fabric or material of shirt greatly affects the pairing with sweater. The shirts with thin fabric like cotton is best option to wear under a light sweater. While wearing a shirt made of heavy fabric with sweater give appearance of excessive layers. To over come with this problem choose a dress shirt made of natural fibers instead of synthetic fibers.

Weather conditions

Choose the dress shirt and sweater according to weather or seasons. In the warmer months you should wear a thin sweater with short- sleeves dress shirt. It will also save you from fighting with sleeves to even out under your sweater.

Ways to wear a sweater over a dress shirt

There are many ways to wear a sweater over a dress shirt for keeping yourself warm and cozy with a stylish and classic look. These amazing ways are mentioned below:

sweater over dress shirt

Crew-neck sweater over dress shirt

For a professional or office look choose a sweater with crew-neck over a dress shirt of wider collar. The crew-neckline will cover your neck and the wider collar will create the balance. When wear this combination, keep the wide collar tucked under your sweater neckline.

V-neck sweater over semi-spread collar shirt

The v-neck sweater is best to wear a tie with semi-spread shirt. It is also a dressy neckline. The large and  v-neckline provide a space to show your tie. This matching is best option to wear for a professional or formal look.

A cardigan sweater over a button-down shirt

The cardigan is the sweater with buttons, zip or completely open. The more casual cardigan sweater is V-neck sweater which have deeper V-shaped neckline. The part of your shirt to display can be vary by cardigan sweater. The cardigan sweater over a button-down shirt give a relax, comfort and casual look in cold weather.

Sweater vest over a dress shirt

A loose-fitting sweater vest over a dress shirt is best option to wear for informal look. For this combination you can wear a colored sweater vest and final stylish look roll up sleeves of your dress shirt. You can wear this outfit contrast at your informal meetings.

Solid-color sweater over a dress shirt

For a conservative and professional look choose the sweater with solid-colors over a neutral color dress shirt to wear at your office or professional meetings. For example you can wear  a gray sweater with navy dress shirt for a casual and professional look. So choose solid colors for professional outfit as they are more respectable and printed colors are not suitable for formal or professional events.

Colored sweater with neutral color dress shirt

If you want to bring some color in your outfit for a semi-formal look then choose a bright color sweater over a neutral color dress shirt. For example you can wear a dark color sweater over a light like blue shirt. You can wear this outfit matching with a gray pants at your informal meetings.

Wear a tie with sweater

You can wear a colored tie with dress shirt under the sweater to show your professional look. Ensure that tie is tied neatly and tucked under your sweater. Choose the thin tie to avoid bulkiness under your sweater. This is best winter outfit to wear for a professional look.

Wear a blazer or coat as an extra layer

In sever winter you can wear a coat or blazer over a sweater and dress shirt for a professional look. This combination will keep you warm and cozy with a formal look. For this outfit combo choose right colors like solid colored sweater and dress shirt whereas a neutral based blazer or coat for an office look.

Crew-neck sweater and sport coat over a dress shirt

You can choose a crew-neck sweater and sport coat of compliment color over a colored pattern dress shirt to wear in more cold days. You can also wear a belt with the coat for a casual look.

Cable knitted sweater with a sport coat

In cold days you can wear a cable knitted sweater with a sport coat over a solid colored dress shirt to keep yourself comfortable, warm and cozy with a stylish look. Wear a neutral color based pants with this outfit to wear at your office. Add fun colored socks and black or brown leather shoes with this outfit.

Tips to wear sweater over a dress shirt

  • The position of your collar is of great significance to maintain a casual look, so make sure the collar is neatly sits inside the sweater.
  • Pair a thin dress shirt with a chunky knitted sweater and a thick dress shirt with a light weight sweater to keep the balance ,
  • if you are wearing a sleeveless sweater then roll up your dress shirt’s sleeves for a charm look.
  • Make sure the dress shirt is tucked neatly under the sweater for a professional look.


The sweaters are casual and classic garments that you can wear in variety of styles. Choose  a proper fitted sweater of solid colors to wear with a formal outfits. The sweater over a dress shirt is a trendy outfit for an elegant and stylish look. For an attractive look try to wear a combination color outfit and some accessories such as watch , sunglasses ,ties and belts. Make sure the dress shirt is tucked into the sweater.