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In winter or cold days the sweater dress is best option to wear and become essential  part of everyone's wardrobe because they are cozy and comfortable. In this article we are with many great ideas to style a sweater dress.

Sweater dress

Sweater dress is a garment that is made of knitted warm materials like sweaters but the key difference between sweater dress and sweater is that the sweater dress is lengthy enough to wear without paints or trouser. The materials which are used in making sweater dress include wool, cotton, cashmere and fibers of synthetic fibers like nylon etc. These sweater dresses are available in a versatile length and design. You can choose sweater dress of any length like mini and maxi type according to your mood.

Ideas to style sweater dress

You can style sweater dress in a variety of styles to look more stylish, modern and elegant with cozy wearing in cold weather. Here are some ideas to style sweater dress in a better way;

Sweater dress with a blazer

For a business look you can wear a midi sweater dress with a blazer , for such contrast choose a solid-colored sweater like gray with a plaid blazer. For bottom you can wear an ankle boots or high heels for a stylish and elegant look. In sever cold weather choose a turtleneck sweater that will cover your neck and also give you a stylish look. From accessories you can hold a brown or black leather bag for a casual look.

Sweater dress with a long cardigan

You can wear a cozy sweater dress with a long cardigan to look classic. This pairing outfit is amazing in cold weather to cover yourself from cold and also to look stylish. With this pairing you can wear a high heels or ankle shoes. You can also wear some accessories  like a necklace to look elegant.

Sweater dress with ankle boots

To wear sweater dress with ankle boots wear a midi-dress which cover mid thigh and expose most of the legs. To keep yourself warm and cozy in cold weather wear the midi sweater dress with tight jeans and ankle boots. You can choose stylish ankle boots which are made of faux-leather that will match with your knitted midi sweater dress.

stylish dress of girl

Sweater dress with a denim jacket

For comfortable fall outfit you can wear a sweater maxi dress with a stylish jacket to look stylish and modern. For a final classic look wear ankle boots with this outfit. You can wear sunglasses at daytime to look stylish and elegant.

Sweater dress with leather jackets

If you want to wear a monochromatic combo then you can wear a black sweater dress with a black jacket in a cold weather. This outfit is best option to wear for a night hangout to protect yourself from cold with a stylish look. With this outfit you can wear a black high heels.

Black sweater dress with a over knee high boots

For an elegant and stylish look you can wear a black long sleeve sweater dress with a colored over knee high boots. You can wear this combination at your professional place like your office. For an extra stylish look wear a gold jewelry that you have !

Sweater dress with a long jacket

For an extra stylish look or for a party look you can wear a sweater dress with a long jacket. When you go to market to buy long jacket for wearing with a sweater dress , make sure the jacket is long than your sweater dress. Wear a pair of brown colored boots for a final look . With this outfit you will look the most stylish girl around .

Sweater dress with a classic shawl

In markets you will find a great variety of beautiful shawls that is best option to wear as an accessory with a sweater dress in winters to look stylish and for keeping yourself warm and cozy. If you are wearing a neutral color dress then choose a printed wool or cotton knitted shawl. This outfit contrast will keep you warm and cozy with an elegant look in the winters.

Over sized sweater dress with knee high boots

Over sized sweaters dresses are comfortable, cozy and you can wear this over some other clothes to keep yourself warm and cozy in sever winter. For elegant and stylish look you can wear an over sized sweater dress with a pair of knee high boots. You can wear this outfit combo at your office or at any casual meeting in colder days.

Sweater dress with a coat

Everyone have coat in his/her winter wardrobe as it creates a shield around you and weather to protect yourself from cold in winters. So you can wear a black or brown coat over a sweater dress for an attractive and casual look in sever winter. You can add accessories like shoulder bag with this outfit for a casual look.

Sweater dress with tights

You can wear pair your sweater dress with tights in winters or cold days to look stylish and elegant. You can wear dark colored tights with sweater dress for an extra warmth. With this outfit wear a pair of black knee high boots.

Sweater dress with sneakers

For a casual look you can wear a sweater dress with a pair of sneakers. Usually white sneakers are best option to choose for wearing with a dark sweater dress because white sneakers give an attractive look.

Tips to style sweater dresses

To look stylish , elegant and modern in winter with wearing sweater dresses ,follow the following tips:

Wear accessories with sweater dresses

You can wear some accessories with sweater dresses to look more stylish and elegant with comfort. Wear some jewelry like a long beaded necklace or stylish bracelet that will enhance your stylish look. You can also wear your gold or silver jewelry with sweater dresses at your night parties to look more elegant and stylish.

Use a belt with sweater dress

To fit your waist you can wear a belt with an over sized sweater dress around your waist. It will give you a stylish look with warm and cozy sweater dress.

Use some colored accessories

For an attractive look you can wear a colored scarf or shawl with sweater dresses. You can also wear a white or any other color sneakers with sweater dresses. To complement with a cable-knitted sweater dress wear a faux fur scarf around your shoulders that will keep you warm and cozy and will also give an attractive look.


There are various ideas and ways to style a sweater dress in cold days. You can wear a denim jacket, tights, over knee high boots or long cardigan with sweater dress to look stylish and attractive. So in cold days or in winters wrap up yourself but in a stylish and attractive way according to your mood and event where you are going to wear sweater dress.

I hope after reading this article you will come to know with various ways to style sweater dresses in winters. Also follow the tips to wear a sweater dresses to look stylish and elegant with a warm and cozy outfit.