How To Get Wrinkles Out Of Sweaters

The condition of sweater greatly effect your impression or overall look with your outfit. In the end of winter season, sweaters are well folded to keep them safe in wardrobe. But when you withdraw your sweater to use for next season, you may found wrinkles in sweater that give a bad appearance or overall look. So you must need to remove these wrinkles before wearing to get a freshen look. In this article, you will find complete guidelines and tips to get rid of wrinkles out of your favorite sweaters.

Understanding the causes and types of wrinkles

By understanding the causes and basic types, you can easily apply better technique and method to remove wrinkles out of your favorite sweaters. Here are the most common causes and types of wrinkles.

Common causes of wrinkles

  • One of the most common cause of wrinkles is folding for their storage.
  • Another reason of wrinkles is their improper storage.
  • Your favorite sweaters may also get wrinkles due to incorrect washing and drying methods.

Types of wrinkles in sweaters

The types of wrinkles based on size and shape, by knowing different types of wrinkles, you’ll able to apply best method for removing wrinkles. The most common types of wrinkles in sweaters are fold lines due to folding the sweaters and stretched fabric wrinkles due to pulling the sweater in a certain way.

Pretreatment of sweater for removing wrinkles

There are various methods to remove wrinkles out of sweaters. But before applying any method to remove wrinkles, must take a step to ensure your sweater is clean and also read the care label tag to keep your sweater in its original form and shape. If there is washable in care label tag,use an appropriate washing method and if not then go for dry cleaning.

After washing your sweater, choose the right drying method such as lay your sweater on a clean towel or directly in air to prevent wrinkles formation in sweater. Keep in mind, hanging up can lead to stretched fabric wrinkles, so avoid to dry by hanging up sweater.

Methods to remove wrinkles from sweaters

There are many ways to remove wrinkles from sweaters. These methods or ways are depend on type of fabric and extremity of wrinkles Here are the most popular and useful methods to get rid of wrinkles.

1. Steam method

If your sweaters have wrinkles even after proper washing and drying, use a garment steamer which has many benefits such as keep smooth the fabric and very effecting in removing wrinkles. So the use of garment steamer is best to remove wrinkles with less risk of damage.

Garment steamer

Here is the method to use a garment steamer for removing wrinkles:

It is very easy to use a garment steamer for removing wrinkles from sweater. Hang up your sweater with the help of a hook so you can use garment steamer on both sides and move garment steamer smoothly over your sweater and let the steam to work amazingly. Hold the garment steamer a few inches far from your sweater to prevent sweater from direct contact with steam and reduce the risk of damage. It will take a few minutes and your sweater will become wrinkles free with freshen look.

Use of steam iron

Instead of a garment steamer, you can also use a steam iron to remove wrinkles from your favorite sweater. Adjust the temperature of iron that is suitable to fabric of sweater and now use the feature of steam. Keep a wet cloth over the sweater and press with steam iron smoothly in circular motion. Don’t use too much pressure to avoid any fabric damage.

2. Use of iron to remove wrinkles

Use of iron is another classic method to remove wrinkles from sweaters. Make sure you choose the right iron to avoid any damage. The use of Iron also provide advantage of complete control over the adjustment of temperature according to fabric and need. So in this way, you can remove wrinkles from your favorite sweater without any damage. Here is the complete guidelines to use iron for removing wrinkles from your sweater:

Before using iron to remove wrinkles, places a damp, clean cloth over the wrinkled sweater. Adjust the temperature of iron according to fabric of your sweater and smoothly press over the damp cloth. Keep in mind, don’t use too much pressure or never leave the iron in one area for too long as it can damage the shine of fabric. Move smoothly iron in glide motion on wrinkled area, until the wrinkles disappeared. By this your sweater will become wrinkle free and you can wear with your outfit for a cozy look.

3. Use a wrinkle release spray

Use of wrinkle release spray is another best option to remove wrinkles from sweaters without any effort. You can simply spray on your sweater and pull it with a little force and see the wrinkles will remove magically. Before using this method, make sure it is safe for the fabric of your sweater through the care label tag to reduce the risk of any damage.

Interesting point: You can also made wrinkles release spray at your home within your budget, instead of purchasing expensive wrinkle spray. For making wrinkle release spray at your home, take a spray bottle and fill it with water and any fabric softener or conditioner in equal quantity and mix it. You can also use your favorite essential oil for a pleasant smell. Now your homemade wrinkle release spray is ready to use. Experiment with different raw materials and choose the one that is more suitable to the fabric of your sweater.

Method to use a homemade wrinkle release spray

For using homemade wrinkle release spray, hang your sweater with the help of hook and smoothly spray your homemade wrinkle release spray on it. After spraying, smoothly pull it to remove wrinkles. Now let your sweater to dry in air and wrinkles will disappeared so now you can wear sweater with a freshen and better look.

4. Hanging in a steamy bathroom

Hanging the sweater in a steamy bathroom for removing wrinkles is also best method. Hang your wrinkled sweater on a hanger in a closed bathroom and on the hot shower, so that your bathroom become steamy which is helpful in removing wrinkles from sweaters. The steam will smooth the wrinkled area of sweater and make it wrinkle free. Just be careful and keep your sweater away from the direct contact of hot water as it can damage the fabric of your favorite sweater.

Tips to avoid wrinkles in sweater

  • To keep your sweater wrinkle free, fold it properly for keeping in wardrobe or storage area.
  • Choose the best space to store your sweater that will keep your sweater wrinkle free.
  • Avoid use of wire hangers to hang your sweater, use a rounded shape hanger.
  • Keep your sweater in proper space and avoid to do overstuffing in your closet as it can lead to wrinkles in your sweater.


Sweaters are cozy and fashionable outfit to keep yourself warm and cozy. But a wrinkled sweater greatly effect your look. So must unwrinkled your sweater before wearing it. By following the guidelines and tips that are discussed in this article, you can easily remove wrinkles from your sweater.