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How To Fold Sweaters To Save Space

21 Mar 2024

Mostly folding of sweaters to store in a well organized and optimized space is a challenge due to bulkiness of sweaters. However, by learning art of folding, you can store your sweaters in optimized space and in accessible way. Efficient folding of sweaters help to save space and also keep your favorite sweaters wrinkle and damage free. If you want to learn better folding methods to save space and for well organizing closets, this article is especially for you! In this article you will find complete guidelines about folding sweaters in optimized space to save space and for maintaining your cozy, bulky garments in your closets.

Advantages of folding sweaters to save space

Sweaters are bulky in nature take a significant amount of space and make your closets untidy and disorganized. But folding sweaters in efficient way give many advantages, some of them most common and popular are here:

Create maximize space in closets

Mostly our closets look like having no enough space to store our favorite sweaters. But folding the bulky sweaters efficiently help in creating maximizing space to store sweaters and other collections in the closets or any other storing area. In addition to creating space, efficiently folding also have advantage of giving a stack of neatly folded sweaters.

Easy accessible

Efficiently folded stack of sweaters provide easily accessibility to see your one of the favorite sweater through a messy pile. It also save your precious time that might be spend in searching the specific sweater that you want to wear. So a well organized and efficiently folded sweaters provides you easily accessibility and save time in searching a specific sweater.

Reducing the risk of wrinkles and damage

Another the most important benefit of efficiently folded sweaters is keeping your sweaters damage and wrinkles free, removing wrinkles is another challenging task. So proper and efficient folding of sweaters helps to maintain the shape and structures of your sweaters as they were when you bought it.

Choosing the right folding technique

Here are some factors that you need to consider when you want to fold sweaters efficiently to save space.

Understanding different fabrics

All sweaters are not of same fabric, different fabrics need different folding techniques. Some delicate and elegant fabrics like cashmere require some extra care while some heavy and thick fabric can be handled with a little care. Understanding the sweater’s fabric help you to choose the right folding technique to keep your sweaters with great care.

Understanding the type of sweaters

Sweaters are of different shapes and designs, understanding the type of sweaters is helpful in folding the matched sweaters. By choosing the right folding technique according to type of sweaters, you can store your sweaters in a well organized way that will reduce the risk of damages and wrinkles.

Steps of folding sweaters

After understanding the fabric and various types of sweaters or choosing the right folding techniques, now it’s time to fold your sweaters. Here is the complete guidelines to fold your sweaters.

Check sweater’s condition for folding

Before applying any folding technique, make sure your sweater is clean and dry. Also repair if there is any damage like teared form any area. Before folding detach accessories from your sweater such as belts or buttons that can damage your favorite sweater during the folding process. If your sweaters have wrinkles, make it unwrinkled, so you are folding a clean sweater.

Folding technique for sweaters

Folding into rectangle

According to the most common and basic sweater’s folding techniques, lay flat your sweater on a clean surface. Fold one sleeve across the sweater that make a straight line from cuff to collar. Repeat this step for other sleeve and overlap this sleeve with the first sleeve. Now fold the bottom in a straight line. Now at the end fold the sweater in half from one side to the other, giving  a rectangle shape.

Folding into roll

This is another useful method to fold sweater in optimized space and also keep your sweaters wrinkle free. First of all, lay your sweater flat on a surface like table and remove wrinkles smoothly with your hands. Now fold the sleeves that create a cross, means fold right sleeve towards left side and hitting the bottom left corner of sweater. Like right sleeve, fold left sleeves towards right side that hit the bottom right corner of sweater. Finally, roll the sweater starting from bottom to upwards equally avoid pulling tightly and also keep removing wrinkles with your hands that create by rolling.

Tips for folding different types of sweaters

Different types of sweaters are folded in different ways. For example, bulky sweaters like hoodies are folded inside out to protect delicate parts. Cardigan are folded similarly to sweaters but with a little extra care to prevent its from wrinkles and to ensure that front buttons are closed. Use a tissue paper between the folds for folding lightweight fabrics like cashmere to provide extra protection. Keep remember to maintain the shape of sweater, avoid putting too much pressure and pulling tightly. This will help to keep the sweaters in their original structure and wrinkles free.

Now with these methods and tips, you’ll have more space to store your sweater collection without any wrinkle.

Efficient way to store folded sweaters

After folding sweaters, you should also store them in proper way to keep them wrinkles free and for making easily accessible. Here is the complete guidelines to store sweaters with great care:

Use a drawer to store sweaters

The drawer of your closets is best for storing folded sweaters with great care. Start with folding your sweater into rectangle and ensure to fold it wrinkle free. Then make a stack of sweaters vertically in your drawer, use a tissue paper to keep between each sweater for keeping them separate from each other. This method will keep your sweaters well organized and easily accessible with optimizing space.

Using a shelf for storing folded sweaters

If your closets have shelves, this will be the best space for storing folded sweaters. Firstly fold your sweater with great care and then store them horizontally on shelves. For keeping them separate from each other, you can use a shelves divider. You can also your folded sweaters by color and style for an attractive display.

Using storage containers

Storage container is another best option to store folded sweaters. These are specifically designed for storing sweaters. Fold your sweaters and make stack of them inside storage container. These storage containers are very helpful for keeping your sweaters well organized and protected.

Tips for maintaining folded sweaters

  • For keeping your folded sweaters in better condition, rotate them regularly that will keep your sweaters wrinkles free.
  • For keeping your sweaters wrinkles free and protecting from any damage, avoid overstuffing.
  • To protect your sweaters from moths, use natural moth repellent like cedar chips in your storage are.


By following methods and tips that are mentioned in this article, you can store your sweater well organized, protected and optimizing space. Better folding of sweaters not only helpful in creating more space, but also keep sweaters protected from any damage that maintain the quality of sweaters. Hope this article really help in folding your sweater to save space.

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