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Hi Everyone! My name is Arielle and I’m an LA-based, New York-raised dreamer, creator, fashion illustrator and style lover.  I met my hubby, Phil when I auditioned for his Los Angeles-based rock band. The two of us bonded over many things including our shared love for music, creativity and dogs. We tied the knot in April of 2015 and time has been flying ever since.  Our lives currently revolve around our pup Winston, whom we love more than anything.  

MY BACKSTORY:  I’ve had a huge passion for sketching fashion illustrations since I can remember.  I was always that kid in school with extensive doodles all over my notebooks–and by doodles I mean sketches upon sketches of couture gowns, shoes and accessories I dreamed of designing someday. Years later, after graduating from Syracuse University with a degree in Television, Radio and Film, I moved out to Los Angeles to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.  As my new world came equipped with stylish people on every block, perfectly-coiffed executives and the occasional red carpet, I decided I needed to create an outlet for myself where I could get inspired by “doodling” the fashion world around me once again. RELish By Arielle was born and it has since morphed into a space where I’m able to also post my favorite outfits of the moment, street style, lifestyle hacks, interior design inspiration and everything in between.

MY STYLE:  Style-wise, I usually gravitate towards classic, minimal pieces that remain forever timeless. I’m also a big fan of vintage shopping and bargain hunting, as well as (very) occasionally splurging on high-end staple items (especially shoes) that I’ve promised myself are totally worth it because they will actually last.

I love punching up my wardrobe with a few trendy pieces here and there that will really make a statement–as long as I feel they will be able to transcend more than one season. I love vintage tee’s, dainty gold accessories, leather jackets and layering pieces. A fabulous outfit to me is all about balance, being comfortable and being able to incorporate high and low-end pieces seamlessly.

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