Giving Back

At Baciano, we consider ourselves very lucky. We have jobs that we love, live in nice apartments in a great city and have a happy life. Our team is very conscious about how fortunate we are. This is why we regularly participate in charity events. We want to support the less fortunate that don’t have a roof over their head or always food in the fridge. We think that helping others is a duty every human has.


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During the horrible fires we had and still have to endure here in California, we teamed up with LA Kitchen to give out food to those who lost their homes. We also prepared meals for the many homeless people that live in Los Angeles and especially in Downtown. Apply here to be a volunteer or donate

“Volunteers work alongside L.A. Kitchen chefs, kitchen staff, and alumni or students from our Empower Program to transform donated produce from local farmers and wholesale companies into wholesome healthy meals. The meals are distributed to our charitable partners that serve Los Angeles’ aging, low­ income, and homeless populations.” –L.A. Kitchen

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Last Year we sorted food at the LA regional food bank. The food later goes out to people that can’t afford buying there food at expensive supermarkets or restaurants. The LA Food Bank is always looking for helpers to handle the huge amounts of food they distribute.  Apply here to be a volunteer or donate

“The support of our community partners is essential in the ongoing work to end hunger in L.A. County. We appreciate the generous financial contributions, participation in food and fund drives and year round volunteering.

With help from our partners, we distribute food to more than 320,000 clients each month.  

On behalf of those who benefited from their support, the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank is proud to thank and recognize our partners that are committed to fighting hunger in Los Angeles.” –LA Food Bank


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