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Things to do in Anchorage City 

Salmon Berry Travel & Tours

Candice McDonald, the owner of Salmon Berry Tours, started the company in 2005 with one small white van. Candice grew the business to what it is today while working as a catering supervisor at night and touring during the day.

Anchorage Markets & Festivals

Alaska Markets & Events, Inc. is distinguished by our straightforward but effective show/market policies:

There are no admission fees.

a large number of customers

Advertising in a variety of media that is effective

Excellent Locations with Plenty of Parking

Clean, safe, and always enjoyable

Dedicated to the family

Priced Reasonably

Staff is friendly, and the service is excellent!

Providing Alaska's best summer and holiday shows!

Anchorage Trolley Tours

Anchorage Trolley was created as a result of a child's fascination with every child's favourite show and a father's desire to provide for his family. Anchorage Trolley began operations on May 4, 1995, initially from the historic 4th Avenue Theater and later from the Log Cabin Visitor Center on the corner of 4th and F St.

Anchorage Museum

The Anchorage Museum, Alaska's largest museum, inspires a combined appreciation of art, history, and science, resulting in a deep understanding of Alaska's rich history and culture.

Alaska Zoo

The Alaska Zoo is a 501(c)3 non-profit organisation dedicated to the conservation of Arctic, sub-Arctic, and similar climate species through education, research, and community enrichment. As Alaska's only zoo, we've been caring for orphaned and injured wildlife since 1969. We are proud of how far we have come in caring for orphaned wildlife and providing high-quality education and conservation programmes.

Restaurants in Anchorage City 

Glacier BrewHouse

The Glacier BrewHouse has been named one of Alaska's ten best "Local Secrets, Big Finds" by, and it has won gold at San Francisco's Toronado Beer and Barleywine Festival.

Moose's Tooth

Moose's Tooth, which opened in 1996, specialises in pizza and Broken Tooth Brewing beer (with a side of tie-dye). We strive to provide a truly gourmet pizza experience by focusing on creative, high-quality food in a relaxed setting. If you've read the reviews, you'll know that you should come prepared to grab a pint and wait for a table. This place is a hive of activity!

49th State Brewing Co.

The 49th State Brewing Co. began in beautiful Healy, Alaska, about 10 miles north of the Denali National Park entrance. Owners David McCarthy and Jason Motyka wanted to contribute to Alaska's rich beer-making tradition by creating a gathering place for locals and tourists alike.

Simon & Seafort's Saloon & Grill

This Anchorage landmark, simply known as "Simon's," has stunning panoramic views of Cook Inlet, Mount Susitna, and the Alaska Range. Since 1978, this classic American grill has been artfully serving quality USDA prime-aged steak and fresh and innovative seafood.

Snow City Cafe

Snow City, one of the few coffeehouses and cafes in downtown, specialised in breakfasts served all day, with everything from Eggs Benedict and smoked salmon cakes to made-to-order omelettes and a cold cereal bar.