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Baciano's Human Rights Policy in USA

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Baciano does not only focus on fashion, we focus on the safety and well-being of the individuals involved in our operation and supply chain, as well. Without the entire team's continuous efforts, our seasonal collections would not be possible. Each one is committed to deliver "quality" from the point of planning until delivery of merchandise. 

When it comes to the people who manufacture Baciano made products, we partner with factories around the world to help ensure all the workers who produce our products have a safe and healthy work environment. Every supplier we work with complies with various ethical practices to ensure the safety of each individual in the workplace. Each company follows specific health and safety guidelines containing employment practices, workers' rights, environmental standards, work environments and applicable local laws. Supporting ethical working practices and women's empowerment are our human rights priorities.

The first step to ensure safety in the workplace, is we conduct semi-announced audits to ensure compliance with the company guidelines. These audits include an in-person, full factory inspection, including breakroom inspections, restroom inspections, and worker interviews. This usually happened before the start of production and sometimes in between production depending on different circumstances such as a breech in safety. When issues are found, a member from the office works with the factories to develop updated safety protocols and implement immediate remediation plans along with a specific timeline for change. So far, we have only found minor issues during audits and we intend to keep completely diminish any issues to guarantee complete safety within the workplace.

Supporting women who work for our cause is an integral part to human rights. Women tend to look beyond themselves, meaning they do not only lookout for their wellbeing, but their entire family as well. We are dedicated to support the women that make the entire operation work, to provide quality merchandise for women. It is a continuous chain of command that aims for one thing and that is quality women’s apparel for all age groups.

We believe commitment and continuous improvement of an ethical business will benefit all – both environmental, economic and social. All of our suppliers are committed in keeping a safe environment for everyone. Each one is is involved in policies on Child Labour and Anti-Slavery and we see to it that each policy is carried out to the fullest. We do not tolerate any misconduct in the workplace especially exploitation of people.

At Baciano, it is everyone’s responsibility to maintain a safe, work environment for everyone. Our Human Rights policy focuses on diminishing, if not completely eradicating any form of misconduct that violates our ethical work environment. Everyone is encouraged to report any form of misconduct that they have encountered in the work place. Our human rights department are always on standby during our work hours, ready to receive reports and to intervene. Any form of violation in regards to human rights will not be tolerated and will be taken care of immediately.