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Cheers to sweater weather!

I love this time of year. Sometimes I walk outside my apartment and find a fresh dusting of snow under my boots, and other days it’s a bit more on the warmer side. Because of that, I prefer to really “layer-up” so I can stay comfortable no matter what the weather does throughout the day. 

That’s why I’m so glad that I discovered Baciano. Their high quality sweaters and cardigans are a cozy addition to my wardrobe. Since many of their sweaters are under $100, they’re affordable enough to pick up some for you, and even one for your bestie. 

This cardigan is a for-sure new favorite. I’m wearing a small, and it fits perfectly enough to wear with a light top, and even over a heavier sweater. It’s a pretty heather brown and goes great with both stilettos, and my trusty western boots. 

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